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Hi everyone I love Precure! I'm new here! Hope we all become friends! And who are your favorite seasons and Cures?
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Do you think Pretty Cure will ever dubbed in it's true name?

Recently I've been passionate about making Precure known in America and imagining it reaching the success it has in Japan. Do you think it will ever be dubbed somehow, all seasons, in English?

I'm aware that Futari Wa had been dubbed and glitter force, but it would be an absolute dream for a company, maybe Viz after they finished with Sailor Moon, to acquire the rights to Precure. It's a shame that Precure is so undiscovered and a majority of its exposure is from people watching it on Netflix in a not-so perfect dub. Thoughts?

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What Glitter Force merchandise are you most interested in?

Hasbro will almost definitely create merchandise for Glitter Force, even if they don't create any new dubs. What merchandise do you want the most?

At first, I only really wanted music from the show. I'd especially like English covers of the image songs by the English voice actresses, but that's probably just wishful thinking. Then, I went to an elementary school book fair and I realized that they may make books as well! I'd love to see them, whether they're comic books, novelizations, or Easy Reader-type books. Also, a DVD set would be cool, especially if it contained the eight undubbed episodes.

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Star Twinkle Villain Theory

The writer of Star Twinkle is the same writer who wrote Mahou Tsukai. In Mahou Tsukai, the first batch of villains were all killed off by Episode 21 when Dokuroxy was defeated. From Episode 22 onwards, the new villain group led by Deusmast debuted.

My theory is that by Episode 21 or before, the Notraiders will all have either defected or have been killed off to pave way for the new villain group.

Also much like Mahou Tsukai, where all of the Linkle Stones were collected before midseason, all the Star Pens in Star Twinkle will be collected before the midway point.

Since the writer of Star Twinkle is Mahou Tsukai, this could probably happen

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Hugtto's English Names (@CityofSweets)

Hana: Hannalee (I would've chosed her name to be simply Hannah but it's already taken in the Futari Wa dub)

Saaya: Sara

Homare: Holly

Emiru: Emily/Emma (whichever one you choose :) )

Lulu/Ruru: Lucinda or Rebecca (This one was pretty hard since her names starts with either an L (for Lucinda) or R (for Rebecca) but I'll leave that up to you.)
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Calculating Results

The results for the challenge will be done by tomorrow!
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Just a thought

Precure has been getting kinda "progressive as of late,"

I mean we had the tease between Yukari and Akira in Kirakira

In Hugtto, not only is Henri nearly openly gay and in a relationship with Masato, Henri became a Cure for a brief while

I wonder if that means Star Twinkle will somehow up the notch with either a male Cure that lasts longer or something

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Cure Shy with CKnight09

Hello, I'm Cure Shy

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STP Episode 7 Summary + Review : "Rocket Madness"

​Wow, just wow, the episode is out and I am already in love with it. So before anything, as always, 5 seconds to decide on reading this and... SPOILER ALERT!!! 5 4 3 2 1 I had a really good feeling watching this episode, so let's dive in... Star Twinkle Precure Episode 7 : "Exciting! The Grand Strategy To Repair A Rocket!" ----- Summary ----- This episode starts off with Prunce and others being very pleaseful to get back the Leo Star Color Pen. Having to get more 10 pens, Hikaru tells them that they need to go to the space, so the goal for them is to repair the rocket. That's pretty much it for the intro. Now gets into the real scene, Hikaru and other non-aliens ask Lala on how they can fix the rocket with no knowledge. The AI part comes in with first analyzing their body to improve 'efficency' and let them do the right work. Lala got to do the mechanic part, she's the only one that can do this logically. Elena doing the physical labour stuff, being a powerhouse. Madoka doing the management, having a great sense of leadership. About Hikaru, AI can't analaze the data of Hikaru being too... you know. It concludes that Hikaru should do... CLEANING! YES! SO FUN! VERY EXCITING! (ok im sorrry) So yeah, the plan began. Everything went really well at first, all being pretty energetic. Until 1 hour passed, their concentration dropped down, start being tired. 2 hours passed, and it's even worse. 3 hours later, Hikaru is done with cleaning but the wind decided to troll Hikaru and blew the leaves away. Hikaru gets really mad and being very bored, she decided to slack off from cleaning and started playing with the Twinkle Book. (Good job, Hikaru.) 4 hours passed, they finally got a (short) break. Lala and others found the goofing off Hikaru and saw her writing something in the Twinkle Book. Prunce gets mad about she playing with the important book. Hikaru didn't even care and tell him it's her book. Elena is interested in the drawing and start convincing her to show it. Hikaru is pretty embarrassed to show it, a picture of the rocket which she designed herself. Note : The pen that she have used to draw can make any color you want. I want one of these at home xD Everyone likes it, but the AI was telling them that taking too long will be sh*t. Hikaru was down hearing that word, but Elena shines her up recommending an accessory on the top (the bow) and Madoka, showing her true self, decided to tell Hikaru to add another color around the big star. Everyone is ok with it, but once again, the AI... didn't like it that much, thinking that the decoration is not important. Hikaru asked Lala about what she thought about it because it's her rocket. Lala said it's not her rocket, but it's 'theirs'. She wants all to enjoy the ride. They were feeling excited again fixing the rocket. The scene cuts to the part they started painting the rocket, and the AI (wow it's a... drone?) sees Hikaru cheering others up.  The rain starts pouring down, making them taking a break. Hikaru and Elena realized Prunce building something, asked him and was answered by the famous answer, "it's a secret". Good job. But he also said that it is pretty needed for space trips. Lala then realizes that they each should have their own room. Everyone agrees on it with Hikaru being... her.  The AI once again panned on her, started analyzing data. It said that all of them made unnecessary work, but the efficency increased, leaving the AI in a 'situation beyond analysis' feeling. It also said that maybe Hikaru has the power to enliven others around her. Then the scene cuts to where Lala and Hikaru making the rocket's grand opening. They had one final thing to put on, the cute bow on the top. But yes, as you would've expected, Notraiders and Tenjo came at the perfect time. Halfway eyecatch... woo.. Note(2) : I'm pretty surprised by how the fighting scene part starts at halfway, faster than normal. I'll tell more in the review. Tenjo started questioning about the rocket being a 'tacky' thing. As villains always do, trying to destroy it. They transformed as always, fight them pretty easily, despite Tenjo's *NEW* "Trump's Wall" Strategy. (am i making a youtube clickbait) I mean, the fight is pretty good though, but I can't explain and describe much about it so go watch it yourself. Now this is interesting, the rocket is fully done. Everyone is happy about it. The AI is happy because they finished it in time. The scene then shows each of their room in order. Then it shows Prunce's Secret Machine, the donut maker. Yes. A donut maker. Prunce still thinks his donuts weren't good enough, so Hikaru's donut got taken by Prunce before even taking a bite. The AI said that departure to space would be the day after, on Sunday. It also tells Hikaru to not take an oversleep. Elena and Madoka realized that they would have school on Monday. Hikaru told them it's no problem if we come back before. Note(3) : This is strange, but again, I realized that the part when they were doing the teamwork hand thing (i'm sorry i dont know what its called), Elena put her hand in late, again. Is this a bug? I don't know. Side-Note : I expected the episode to end right here, but it surprised me by putting in the next scene which I will be talking now. Somehow a day has passed, everyone is awake and ready to go to space. Lala got to do the controlling, gave everyone a signal and starts a countdown. Then there we go, a takeoff. Elena and Madoka, being new to the gravity thingy, struggles at first. Hikaru told them to wait until they got out from the atmosphere. And yes, they finally all came into space after 7 episodes! Hikaru and others started playing with zero gravity and look at Earth, what everyone will defenitely do if you have gone to space. Well, not until Lala turns on the gravity inside the rocket. Good job, Lala. Things get serious again when Elena's pendant starts glowing like before. Prunce told that it's the Libra Princess. Fuwa's ears started running like in some first episodes, then created a warp for them to go through (by go through I mean got sucked in) and got warped into Lala's star system in a distant galaxy. (Not sure about the name, Starscape Realm?) Finally... the end, just wow. Let's get to my reviews/opinions! ----- Review ----- At first, I looked at the name of the episode and I'm like, "huh, this is going to be boring". I mean, who would've think the "fixing the rocket" episode can be this good?!? I'm totally amazed right now. The story, there's not a lot until you count the ending part. I thought at first the episode will be done when they got ready to go into space. But no, they actually go to space in this episode, and also do a warp already.  I also love how this episode pretty much say who will be the main character in the next episode, you can see lots of times in this episode focusing on Elena (actually for no reason) but somehow dragged her into the camera. Remember Hikaru saying Elena is the sun, once again? The part where they do the hand teamwork thingy, Elena coming in later than others? The last one to be concious while going to space? Wow, a lot of parts with Elena somehow  Also about character development, even an AI has one! I didn't even think that will happen! It is amazing! The animation is also pretty decent in this episode! Better than others I would say. Alo that 4 hours part is pretty hilarious I would say. One more side-note : You can see a window on the rocket above the big star, am I seeing a Mercedes-Benz rip-off? I see that and somehow think it is Mercedes' logo at first then realized it's a window. xD Overall, in my opinion, this episode is the best one so far! Still comparable to Ep 2 but I think this episode is even better than that! Some parts were hilarious and some parts were serious. The animation is perfect, less bugs in this episode and going to space makes me excited already since anything can pretty much happen in space and it will be really creative to see what Toei will do. So, what's your opinion on this episode? Are you finally getting hyped after waiting for 7 episodes to go to space? Is the rocket's design cute? Let everyone know in the comments below! For now, this is the end of episode 7's summary and my opinion on it. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a great day! See you later, Ciao!
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Today's My B-Day! 🎉🍀🎊

Sorry I've been out for awhile, had some things to take care of lol (Don't know when the posts will come up but I am working on them Xd)

But yay! It's finally here! I'm turning 15, and my family and I will be going to a cultural Japanese restaurant which is one of my favorites! I'll also be receiving Paint SAI since I am progressing and getting to know the basics.

Also, thanks for everyone being kind and supportive to each other! I wish you all a happy St. Patricks Day!
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• 3/14/2019

Cityofsweets with Cure Shy

Hello, I'm Cure Shy.

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• 3/14/2019

LoveAce18 with Cure Shy

Hello, I'm Cure Shy.

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• 3/14/2019

Lilythealpaca with Cure Shy

Hello, I'm Cure Shy.

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• 3/14/2019

Cure FlorAmour with Cure Shy

Hello, I'm Cure Shy.

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• 3/14/2019

Koushani Jana with Cure Shy

Hello, I'm Cure Shy.

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• 3/13/2019

Miracle Universe Opening
Miracle Universe | Pretty Cure! Make A Yell☆Miracle [Kan/Rom/Eng]
Miracle Universe | Pretty Cure! Make A Yell☆Miracle [Kan/Rom/Eng] YouTube
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• 3/12/2019

Text with Cure Shy

If all of you want.............

Cure Shy will speak with all of you in my account.

All you need to do is write in the comment that you want to speak with Cure Shy and I will write a post by your name with Cure Shy so both of you can talk together.

Last day will be in 14/3/2019

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• 3/12/2019

Hugtto Precure Dubbed Names

Cure Shy :-

Hana :- Cheer.

Because she is always cheer other on.

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• 3/12/2019

My fan theory

Is that Himenojou Sakurako isn't an alien but will be the fifth Cure anyway.


There has been a leak of the fifth Pretty Cure of the season: Cure Cosmo, whose braided, blue hair and cat ears look similar to a character who appears in the opening theme. Some people have theorized that Sakurako is or will become this character, who will in turn become Cure Cosmo. But what if Cosmo's appearance is a red herring. What if it makes us think that the cat girl will become Cure Cosmo, but it will actually be Sakurako?


*The cat girl isn't a villain, even though the opening makes one think that she is. She might be somebody like Cure Muse, who is an external protector of Pretty Cure before eventually joining the team.

*Neither Sakurako nor the cat girl will be Cure Cosmo; the real Cure Cosmo will come right out of nowhere like Cure Ace.

*The leak of Cure Cosmo is fake.

*Both the cat girl and Sakurako will become Pretty Cures. I'm thinking that the cat girl will be blue and Sakurako will be red. Additionally, Sakurako will not use a Star Color Pen to transform.

*There will be another male Cure.

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• 3/12/2019


Is that OK if I tell you the names that Cure Shy will do for the challenge ?

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