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Walking On Sunshine
• 2/1/2018

this wiki the admins a lost loved one

i dont like the new way of adding images with the gallerias the separate sections for the cures is bothering me plus i dont like the new admins i only like shadowneko curehibik and sunshine i dont like the others i dont like replies getting removed i think everyone has the right to say what as long its not curse words i miss the old wiki gallery style :( i been feeling sad after i lost an love one in November and it still remains in my heart i wanna be positive and not let myself get taken down with this new edit style of this wiki it bugs me
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Walking On Sunshine
• 2/4/2018
The whole gallery thing has nothing to do with what you think but it was because some of the images wouldn't show up in the scrollbox because of some bug so we had to move it to a separate one.
• 2/10/2018
So you're basicly saying you don't like 0Kimiko0 and FairySina?
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