I have really big hopes for this season! This seasons villians, remind me off Yes! And GoGos villians. Ruru looks the same as Anacondie xD But i get really pissed off that we are at ep 3 and whe know 2 new cures! Well, in the preview of ep 4, whe saw that Saaya and Hana transformed where Homare is! Maybe Kirara 2.0? Saayas voice is a tipical blue cures voice (not talking about Marine and Gelato) Calm,shy and cute. Hana remind me a lot off a typical pink cure leader~ When i heard that Homare has a deep voice AND beatiful character desing, i knew "My fav" Harrys ikemen form is just soo HANDSOME! Toei need to give a ship with Homare and Harry <3 (they are my fav now)