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• 2/27/2018

Pretty Cure Memory (All Stars new stage 3)

Cure Lovely: Look at all of us, we're going in history! No one: (Music break). (Cure, Cure)! (Music break). (Cure, Cure)! (Music break). (Cure, Cure)! Cure Blossom and Cure Melody: Fashion is hard at first. It's not hard, if you just believe. Cure Dream and Cure Peach: A fashion show, can lighten the mood, when you're happy too! Cure Black and Cure Bloom: One day you will grow into an adult. Every birthday you are blooming. (Watchuya)! Cure Black, Cure Bloom, Cure Dream, and Cure Peach: A full day rises and sets. Cure Blossom, Cure Melody, Cure Happy, and Cure Heart: You can make your friends blossom! All Pink Cures: Max Heart. Star! Yes! Gogo! Fresh! Heartcatch! Suite, suite! Smile, Heart Thumping, Happiness Charge. Look at all of us! (Cure, Cure)! We're going in history! (Cure, Cure)! This is our Pretty Cure memory! (Cure, Cure)! Let's go capture the moments! Cure Lovely and Cure Princess: Yes fashion is my fav! I want to make everyone happy! We are the Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! All: La, la, la, la, la, la Pretty Cure! La, la, la, la, la, la Pretty Cure! La, la, la, la, la, la Pretty Cure! Pretty Cure All Stars Memory!
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Homare Kagayaki
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