Premium Cures Bowing After Peforming Their Attack
Éclat Espoir (エクラエスポワール Ekura Esupowāru?) is the third group attack shown in the Go! Princess Pretty Cure series. It is first used in episode 30 and it requires the Premium Sakura, Sango, Ginga and Sun Dress Up Keys and the Music Princess Palace to activate the attack.


Cures Twinkle, Scarlet and Mermaid hold up their Premium Dress Up Keys which insert themselves into their respective places on the Music Princess Palace. Soon after, Flora yells out "Mode Elegant!" and inserts her Premium Sakura Dress Up Key into the Music Princess Palace. On the side, she turns the dial to make the Sango, Ginga and Sun Keys dance around the Sakura Key, in which the girls yell out their respective names of their Dress Up Keys in which their normal outfits transform into their Premium dresses. The girls then pose and say "Dress Up, Premium" before striking another pose. Flora thrusts out her arm to make a palace appear from all sides of the enemy. Next, the Cures yell out their incantation and from their hands, a tunnel of light in their respective theme colors are blasted at the enemy, surrounding the enemy in a ball of ribbon, which flies up into the sky. After the enemy explodes into a meteor shower of light, the Cures bow and Flora says "Gokigen'you" to end the attack.



Cure Flora: モード・エレガント!
Cure Flora: サクラ!
Cure Mermaid: サンゴ!
Cure Twinkle: ギンガ!
Cure Scarlet: サン!
All: ドレスアップ!プレニアム!
All: 響け!全ての力!
All: プリキュア!エクラエスポワール!
Cure Flora: ごきげんよう!


Cure Flora: Mōdo Ereganto!
Cure Flora: Sakura!
Cure Mermaid: Sango!
Cure Twinkle: Ginga!
Cure Scarlet: San!
All: Doresu Appu! Pureniamu!
All: Hibike! Subete no Chikara!
All: Purikyua! Ekura Esupowāru!
Cure Flora: Gokigen'yō!


Cure Flora: Mode Elegant!
Cure Flora: Sakura (Cherry Blossom)!
Cure Mermaid: Sango (Coral)!
Cure Twinkle: Ginga (Galaxy)!
Cure Scarlet: Sun!
All: Dress Up! Premium!
All: Resonate! The Power of All!
All: Pretty Cure! Éclat Espoir!
Cure Flora: Farewell!


  • The attack translates to "Brilliant Hope" in English.



GO! Princess precure Princess palace, Precure Eclat Espoir

GO! Princess precure Princess palace, Precure Eclat Espoir

Éclat Espoir

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