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Sing With Everyone Pretty Cure Party
♪Let's Sing With Everyone♪ Pretty Cure Party! (♪みんなで歌おう♪プリキュアパーティー!?) is a seasonal Pretty Cure CD sung by past Pretty Cure opening and ending artists. The CD will be released on September 28th, 2016 under the label Marvelous AQL, distributed by Sony Music Distribution.


Track # Title Time Audio
01 Pretty Cure☆彡Halloween Carnival!
03:43 File:Precure☆彡Halloween Carnival!.ogg
02 Pretty Cure Ondo ~Smile Wink~
(プリキュア音頭 ~スマイルWink~?)
03:05 File:Precure Ondo Smile Wink .ogg
03 Happy Birthday LOVE
03:43 File:Happy Birthday LOVE.ogg
04 Pretty Cure Gymnastics
03:01 File:Precure Gymnastics.ogg
05 Precure Holy Night
(Precure Holy Night?)
04:08 File:Precure Holy Night.ogg
06 Pretty Cure☆彡Halloween Carnival! (Original・Karaoke)
03:45 File:Precure☆彡Halloween Carnival! (Original Karaoke).ogg
07 Pretty Cure Ondo ~Smile Wink~ (Original・Karaoke)
(プリキュア音頭 ~スマイルWink~(オリジナル・カラオケ)?)
03:09 File:Precure Ondo Smile Wink (Original Karaoke).ogg
08 Happy Birthday LOVE (Original・Karaoke)
03:45 File:Happy Birthday LOVE (Original Karaoke).ogg
09 Pretty Cure Gymnastics (Original・Karaoke)
03:05 File:Precure Gymnastics (Original Karaoke).ogg
10 Precure Holy Night (Original・Karaoke)
(Precure Holy Night(オリジナル・カラオケ)?)
04:12 File:Precure Holy Night (Original Karaoke).ogg




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