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Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Uchiyae Yuka
Aoki Kumiko
Takatori Hideaki
Kagoshima Hiroaki
1:22 Pretty Cure All Stars Haru no Carnival♪ Theme Song Single

39 Fairies (39フェアリーズ 39 Fearīzu?) is a song sung by Uchiyae Yuka that makes an appearance in the movie Pretty Cure All Stars: Haru no Carnival♪. The song's title is a pun that is based off of the Japanese words for 3 ("san") and 9 ("kyū") which make up the Japanese pronunciation of "thank you" ("sankyū").

Lyrics Ichi.Ni.No sankyū
San san sankyū arigato ne!
(Sankyū Fearīzu)

Koronda toki mo
Hekonda toki mo
Itsumo soba ni ite kureta ne

Komatta toki wa
Massaki ni kite
Sugu ni sapōto shite kureru no

Chīsai keredo (Ichi.Ni.No sankyū)
Ōkina sonzai (Sankyū Fearīzu)
Hanarete ite mo tsūji atte iru Ichi.Ni.No sankyū
San san sankyū arigato ne! Ichi.Ni.No sankyū
Kyō mo dōzo yoroshiku ne!

Arigatō Fearīzu!
Sankyū Fearīzu!いち.に.の39(サンキュー)
サン・サン・サンキュー ありがとね!



小さいけれど (いち.に.の39(サンキュー))
大きな存在 (39(サンキュー)フェアリーズ)
サン・サン・サンキュー ありがとね!いち・に・の39(サンキュー)
今日もどうぞ よろしくね!

39(サンキュー)フェアリーズ! One.Two.39
Thirty thirty 39 thank you!
(39 Fairies)

Even the time I fell
And the time I was feeling down
You were always next to me

At troubled times
You were the first to come
You'd immediately gave me support

Even though it's small (One.Two.39)
A big existence (39 Fairies)
Even if we're apart, we're connected One.Two.39
Thirty thirty 39 fairies, thank you! One.Two.39
Thank you for everything today!

Thank You Fairies!
39 Fairies!


No. Title Artist Duration Audio
1 39 Fairies Uchiyae Yuka 1:29 noicon
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