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AI (えーあい) AI (Ēai)
AI TV Asahi
SeasonStar☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
First AppearanceSTPC02
Japanese Voice ActorItou Miki

AI (えーあい?), official named as Personal AI (パーソナルえーあい?) is an artificial intelligence which is loaded onto the rocket in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure.


When first debuted, it was a plain blue rocket.


AI - It is the initials of "artificial intelligence".


AI first arrived on Earth in episode 1, with its owner Hagoromo Lala and the two aliens Fuwa and Prunce.

For the majority of the season, it resides at the lakeside of Mihoshi Town to avoid suspicion from the townspeople, serves as the girls' gathering spot or carries the girls to outer space for travelling to different planets.

In episode 7, its rocket had been severely damaged, so the girls decided to repaint it from blue to pink as well as adding several ornaments such as a large ribbon on the top.

In episode 10, it is seen by Kaguya Fuyuki when it lands back onto Earth's surface.

In episode 29, it is revealed to be a Personal AI that has to share data with the Mother AI. Then in episode 30, it courageously sacrifices itself for Lala by launching itself towards Aiwarn before being pinned, and manages to share its data to the Mother in time, which helps the Mother regain its own control.

In episode 46 and episode 47, it serves as the girls' fighter aircraft, and also assisted them on retreating.

During the time-skip in episode 49, it remains as Lala's transport and companion even after Lala became an inspector.


  • It has a habit of calling everyone it meets with the honorific "sama".
    • This is likely due to teenagers all being considered as adults on Saman.
  • Because of the deep connection it shares with Lala having traveled together for so long, it acts independently rather than being controlled by Saman's Mother AI. Even when Aiwarn attempts to turn it against Lala by force, it still breaks free and even undoes Aiwarn's hacking of the Mother AI in episode 30.
  • When Elena asked what would happen to it after its data gets overlapped, it replied that it would become an AI that’s both itself and not itself.


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