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Abraham (アブラハム?) is a minor character who appears in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. He is an alien director who specializes in science-fiction movies.


His human appearance is that of a rather chubby man with orange hair, including a moustache and a beard. He wears a hat imprinted with the letter, A.

His real appearance is of a small alien with blue skin and a green forehead.


He is a friendly guy who is passionate about film making, even setting high pars on the final products.


Abraham - His name could be viewed as "the father of many"[1].


In episode 12, Abraham explained that he had been disguising himself as a film director on Earth. He is actually an agent of the Starry Sky Galaxy Association who's been sent to observe the Solar System. Abraham's initial mission was to ensure that no human learned of aliens, but he took in the lives and cultures of Earthlings. Then, he was drawn in by the movie capital of the world, Hollywood.

During the shooting of the film, Abraham fell victim to Aiwarn and became a Nottoriga after he felt strongly dissatisfied with the film production, but fortunately, the Cures rescued him. He later personally revealed his true identity as an agent to the Cures and informed Lala that since she violated the rule of not interacting with inhabitants who are unaware of aliens from other planets, she would be punished by being forbidden to space travel within a century and have to be escorted back to Saman within a week. However, he was moved by her friendships and ultimately permitted her to stay on Earth.

He later helped Hikaru, Elena and Madoka go on an excursion with Lala and Yuni to Saman by receiving camping permission from their parents as a method to conceal their mission. Unfortunately, he was sent somewhere farther away from Earth by Toppa who found out that he didn’t report back about Lala and Prunce interacting with humans.


Hoshina Hikaru - Hikaru idolizes him a lot, though he doesn’t seem to be quite warm about such reactions of hers at first. But after witnessing Hikaru being great friends with Lala, he softens his attitude towards her.

Hagoromo Lala - In the beginning, he plans to punish Lala from violating the space-traveling rule, but after witnessing how Lala has forged genuine friendships on Earth, he softens towards her.


  • Abraham is possibly based on the sci-fi movie director, J.J. Abrams.


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