Aihara Yuuki
藍原ゆうき Aihara Yūki
SeasonGo! Princess Pretty Cure
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceYumegahama
First AppearanceGPPC07
Japanese Voice ActorAbe Atsushi
Gibu Yuko (child)
Aihara Yuuki (藍原ゆうき Aihara Yūki?) is a minor character who appears in Go! Princess Pretty Cure. He is Haruka's old classmate who used to pick on her when they were younger because of her dream of being a princess. He is also a member of the tennis team.


He is a tall boy with pale brown skin. He has short, messy brown hair and blue eyes. He is usually seen in his school uniform.


As part of a sports tournament being held at Noble Academy, Yuuki participates in a double tennis tournament alongside Haruka. After school, however, Yuuki becomes irritated when finding out that Haruka has no tennis experience, and that she only chose it because it was the most "princess-like" sport. Upon the mention of the word "princess," Yuuki immediately remembers that he used to tease Haruka when they were younger for her wanting to be a princess. Later, Yuuki refuses to help teach Haruka, and asks her to stay out of the way during the tennis tournament, claiming he can do everything himself. However, after she improves significantly at tennis, Haruka realizes how hard Yuuki works at tennis.

Later at the tournament, the tennis tournament is interrupted by Shut, who targets Yuuki and creates a tennis Zetsuborg. However, the Princess Pretty Cures are able to defeat the Zetsuborg and rescue Yuuki. When Yuuki regains consciousness for a brief moment, he catches sight of Cure Flora. Because of this, Yuuki finds newfound respect for Haruka's dream, but he is still prone to getting irritated and arguing with her.GPPC07

At the Noble Academy party, Yuuki and Haruka bump into each other at the buffet table. However, before he is able to talk to her, his fans take him away.GPPC09

Second Meeting with Cure Flora

During the festival in episode 27, he and his friends bump into Haurka and the others. His friends tell him they have to go back to the dorms soon, explaining to the girls that the Tennis Club summer camp was starting the following morning. However, Yuuki says that he still wants to play around at the festival to his teammates' dismay and Haruka's concern. The girls and him then go around for some fun. They play around for awhile laughing and enjoying the festival. Yuuki goes over to a shooting game and as he is adjusting the rifle, Haruka comes over asking about the bandage on his arm. He says it is nothing. Haruka is then pulled aside by his fans who tell he about what had happened, irritating him.

Yuuki is later seen sitting on a stump holding his injured arm when he hears a loud noise in the distance, seeing it is Cure Flora. The Zetsuborg created by Shut comes back and is about to hit him when Cure Mermaid gets in its way, surprising Yuuki. Mermaid tells Flora to get him out of there and she carries him away to a safe distance. Once there, Yuuki asks Flora if she was the one who saved him before. When she tries to avoid it and go back, he follows her. He asks her why she and the others are fighting. He says that they are like real heroes, and realizes that was why she saved him. He then tells Flora she wasted her time with him, saying he won't be playing tennis because he injured his arm and his coach won't allow him to play in the next tournament.

He gets angry, he wanted to become a famous tennis player real fast, but doubts he is able to now. Flora tells him he shouldn't be upset that he can't do one tournament and that there will be many more after. She tells him that there are so many people who are cheering for him and to not despair. This gets him thinking that the people around him are really supportive of him, also realizing he was being not cool.

After the Princess Pretty Cures beat the Zetsuborgs, they bring his fans back, who tell him that they will always be by his side cheering. Later, he starts to wonder how Cure Flora knew about him and his injury, but doesn't mind it.



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