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Aino Kaori (愛乃 かおり Aino Kaori?) is a minor character who appears in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. She is Megumi's mother. In episode 5, it is revealed that her health is poor, though it appears to be improving. She also likes making homemade jam.


Her hair and face looks very similar to Megumi. She has darker colored hair than her daughter, about the shade of fandango. She also has deep pink eyes, and wears a pink colored coat with a light orange apron on it. 


She is very cheerful and loves Megumi. Like Megumi, she had the same impression about Hime. She also taught Megumi the importance of makings others happy as she too was very helpful and had tried her hardest to make others smile.


Aino (愛乃?): Ai (愛) means love. No (乃) is a jinmeiyō kanji, which is a group of Chinese characters that can be legally used in registered personal names in Japan. In Chinese, 乃 is an character used in ancient times, but rarely used in modern times, and changes its meaning in different contexts. As a syllabus, "no" also indicates possessive, so Aino as a phrase can also mean "of Love".

Kaori (かおり?): Kaori (香) meaning "fragrance". It can also come from an alternate reading of Ka (香) combined with Ori (織) meaning "weaving".

therefore, her full name means "fragance of love"


  • Aino Megumi: Megumi is her daughter. Although she is not very healthy, she always takes care of her. She was the one who taught Megumi to help others.
  • Sagara Seiji: Her neighbor and Megumi's childhood friend. She and his mother are friends. Seiji and Mao usually have dinner at Megumi's house because of their mother's work.
  • Sagara Mao: Seiji's sister. She and his brother usually have dinner at Megumi's house because of their mother's work.
  • Sagara Hiroko: Both were good friends since Megumi's childhood. Hiroko is also Kaori and Megumi's neighbor and Seiji and Mao's mother.
  • Shirayuki Hime: Hime is Megumi's close friend, whom Kaori has first met in episode 5 when Hime came over to eat some pancakes with the Aino family.
  • Aino Masaru: Kaori's husband, who first appeared in episode 36. He returns from work to celebrate Megumi's birthday.


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