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Aisaki Masato
愛崎 正人 Aisaki Masato
Aisaki Masato Toei Profile
SeasonHUGtto! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorDark red
Hair ColorAuburn
Home PlaceHagukumi City
RelativesAisaki Haidon (father)
Aisaki Miyako (mother)
Aisaki Emiru (younger sister)
First AppearanceHuPC15
Japanese Voice ActorShimotsuki Yukari

Aisaki Masato (愛崎 正人 Aisaki Masato?) is a minor character from HUGtto! Pretty Cure. He is Emiru's older brother and a student at L'Avenir Academy.


Masato is a teen with auburn hair and dark brown eyes. He wears dark blue-rimmed glasses, a light blue sweater with lighter blue diamonds on it, a white dress shirt, light gray dress pants and black dress shoes. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows.


Masato is seen as someone controlling, bossy and selfish at first, which causes big tension between Emiru's friends and him. After his Oshimaida transformation, he makes an honest effort to accept his sister's choices and even lets her play her guitar at home.

He seemed to have been more accepting of not only Emiru but of Henri as well. They have been seen chatting and walking around happily during the summer night festival. He is also shown to be caring and supportive, as he defended Henri's privacy, and encouraging him to do his best by holding his hand when Henri was doubting himself.



  • Aisaki Emiru - Emiru is Masato's younger sister. He often bosses her around and tells her what girls can and cannot do. But after his Oshimaida transformation, he lets her do what she wants to do.
  • Wakamiya Henri - Masato and Henri seemingly are in a rivalry with each other and Masato dislikes Henri greatly and doesn't take it to well after Henri calls him out for unwanted restrictions as shown in episode 19. However, he has seemed to grow to enjoy his company as of episode 25. Their friendship is shown to develop even more as of episode 33, as Masato helps and supports Henri through the entirety of the episode, encouraging him that he can do his best.


Aisaki (愛崎?) - Ai (?) means "love", "affection", and "favorite" while Saki (?) means "small peninsula". This could mean that Aisaki means "small Peninsula of Love" or something of that nature.

Masato (正人?) - Masa (?) means "exact" and/or "precise", to (?) means person. Thus his name, Masato, means "exact person" or "precise person".


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