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Aisaki Miyako
愛崎都 Aisaki Miyako
Aisaki Miyako
SeasonHUGtto! Pretty Cure
Eye ColorDark red
Hair ColorAuburn
Home PlaceHagukumi City
RelativesAisaki Haidon (husband)
Aisaki Masato (son)
Aisaki Emiru (daughter)
First AppearanceHuPC15
Japanese Voice ActorIketani Nobue

Aisaki Miyako (愛崎都?) is a minor character from HUGtto! Pretty Cure. She is the mother of Aisaki Masato and Aisaki Emiru and the wife of Aisaki Haidon.


Miyako has dark red eyes and long, curly auburn hair with a large amount pulled up into a swirling shape on top of her head, adorned by a frilly light pink headband decorated with a dark red rose, leaf, and three pale mint feathers. Her bangs frame her forehead and are very curled, with her drill-like forelocks reaching her chest. She wears makeup and has gold dangle earrings.

Normally she appears to be dressed up, wearing a magenta princess gown with white frills and ruffles and dark red lining and bow details.






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