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アイワーン Aiwān
Eyeone Toei
SeasonStar☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
Eye ColorPicton Blue
Hair ColorYellow
First AppearanceSTPC04 (cameo)
STPC06 (major appearance)
Japanese Voice ActorMurakawa Rie

Aiwarn (アイワーン?) is one of the commanders of the Notraiders and a villain from Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. She ends her phrases with "~ttsū no" (っつーの?) and "~dattsū no" (だっつーの?).


Aiwarn is a short alien humanoid girl. She has purple skin, pointed ears, and has a single blue eye with pink eyeshadow in the middle of her head. She has bright yellow hair worn as two giant pigtails and one green and one orange antenna attached to a pink headband. She wears a black choker around her neck with a pink circle attached to it. She also wears a black top with a yellow zigzag-like stripe and small pink sleeves. Her gloves are black with yellow lining and purple stripes. Her skirt is round and alternates between the colors yellow and pink. Her belt is blue-grey with a pink circle in the middle. Her leggings match her gloves, both being black with purple stripes. Her shoes are pink with a black underside and lined with yellow at the opening.


Aiwarn apparently is an arrogant alien who talks recklessly and never gets off her high horse; not only does she belittles Kappard as an "uncle" and Tenjo as an "aunt" respectively, but she also reckons the Pretty Cures as moronic dummies. She also comes off as a sore loser and only accepts compliments and flattery, particularly ones from her butler Bakenyan who calls her a scientist that comes first on the list.

Apart from her arrogance, Aiwarn is also incurably despicable and vengeful, since she has no remorse over her atrocity of petrifying every Planet Rainbow denizen and she even goes extreme by transforming herself into a Nottoriga after Blue Cat reveals that Bakenyan is barely a disguise.

Judging by the set of tea pottery Bakenyan always carries, it is implied that Aiwarn herself likes to drink tea a lot.


Aiwarn is a scientist for the Notraiders and was able to successfully convert a Star Color Pen into a Dark Pen. By using this pen, she can summon Nottorigas to attack the Pretty Cures. It is also shown in episode 19 that she possesses a laser gun similar to the ones the Nottorei use.


  • Garuouga - Aiwarn's boss, from whom she takes orders.
  • Bakenyan - Aiwarn's personal butler. In Episode 19 however, It turns out that Blue Cat only took the form of Aiwarn's butler in order to figure out the reasoning behind Aiwarn's petrification of the planet Rainbow.


Aiwarn appears first in episode 4 when she and Bakenyan appear before Garuouga and Kappard, offering to give Kappard a device that can find Star Color Pens.

She attacks the Cures for the first time in episode 6, where she uses the Leo Princess Star Color Pen she converted into a Dark Pen to summon a Nottoriga from Ryoutarou's imagination. However, much to her anger, Cure Milky is able to take the pen from her, restoring it to its normal self. She and Bakenyan retreat after Milky defeats the Nottoriga.

In episode 19, it was revealed that she was responsible for the petrification of the Planet Rainbow citizens and sold the planet's treasures to fund for her research in order to perfect the Dark Pen.


Aiwarn - If the name is written as Eyeone, her name could be based on the characteristic of the creature in the Japanese folklore, Hitotsume-kozō, which alludes to her cyclopean appearance.



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