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Akanbe Noses

Akanbes (アカンベェ Akanbe?) (known as Buffoons in Glitter Force) are the main monsters of Smile Pretty Cure!. To summon an Akanbe, a series villain shouts out "Come out, Akanbe!". Akanbes can only emit cries of "Akanbe", "Aka" or "Beh", as well as "Super" or "Hyper" if they are of the appropriate type. Some Akanbes can speak in a more complex manner if appropriate to the situation, such as the Workbook Akanbe which would ask its questions aloud. They are voiced by Sasaki Hiroo (佐々木 啓夫?).

Akanbe means the action of "pulling one's eyelid down and sticking out one's tongue".


Although each Akanbe is unique in design, they possess some similarities in their appearance. Most are distorted versions of their possessed object and possess a clown's eyes, hands, and legs.

The earliest form of Akanbe are created from Red Noses, which contain a Cure Decor piece, and Pierrot's power. A unique feature of this Akanbe type is a long tongue sticking out of its large red mouth. The eyes are heavily lidded, with a single vertical red stripe running through each eye. The Red Nose Akanbe can be defeated by the Cures' individual purification attacks.

Sometimes, the second eyecatch, which normally shows Candy, shows an Akanbe instead, scaring the girls in the process. This also happens on episodes 10, 17, 28, 33 and 39, due to those episodes' themes (the villains venturing to the human world to seek food to Pierrot covering the world in a Bad End). It is well worth noting that the commercial that aired before said eyecatch was for Tanoshii Youchien magazine on all episodes featuring it, except for episodes 39 and 47, which, on episode 39 featured two SunStar products-Color Wonder and Secret Jewelry Box, and on episode 47, it aired after an ad for a Seiban backpack.

In episode 12, a second type of Akanbe are created from Blue Noses. As the Blue Noses do not contain Cure Decor pieces, it makes them immune to the Cures' individual purification attacks. They lack the long tongue which Red Nose Akanbe have, and have sharp teeth instead. Their eyes are half-open, and surrounded by a spiked design. They also have a frilled collar around their necks. The Blue Nose Akanbe can be defeated with group attack Rainbow Healing.

In episode 23, a new type of Akanbe with a Yellow Nose was revealed. This type of Akanbe is characterized by smiling eyes and mouth. They are the same as the earliest Akanbe except Joker is the one summoning them.

In episode 24, another new Akanbe is introduced made of two noses, when used it creates a Super Akanbe twice as strong as the others. This Akanbe is defeated by the group attack Rainbow Burst, this Akanbe is characterized with sharp-looking eyes, three red streaks on one eye and three blue streaks on the other; the mouth has a full set of vampire looking teeth. They are known as Super Buffoons in Glitter Force.

Green nosed Akanbe appeared in episode 29, only appearing in the games the Cures are sucked into and has various purposes:

  • Whack-a-Mole: Game timer and moles
  • Go-kart: Starting Signal
  • Bowling: Bowling Pins
  • Baseball: Scoreboard
  • Swimming: Whistle and Shark

In Episode 31, a new type of Akanbe appears, Hyper Akanbe, which is created from coating Red Noses in pure darkness. It has a Black Nose, violet lips, and its tongue is outside of its mouth. Unlike other types of Akanbe, these swallow their creator upon formation, causing them to serve as a pilot for the Akanbe. Each Hyper Akanbe gains a sigil on its forehead in the shape of its creator, as well as special characteristics:

  • Wolfrun: The Akanbe gains his wolf ears and tail.
  • Akaoni: The Akanbe gains two red horns and sharp teeth.
  • Majorina: The Akanbe gains her hood and its nose changes shape to match hers.
  • Joker: The Akanbe gains his closed eyes.

The pilot of a Hyper Akanbe gains a marking across their eyes while within the Akanbe, and suffers from debilitating side effects afterward. They are known as Twilight Buffoons in Glitter Force.

Abilities and Powers

Each Akanbe's powers depend on their possessed object. For example, many Akanbe monsters can fire high-speed missiles of their possessed objects, while the mirror Akanbe can reflect itself to create multiple images to create confusion.

They have been shown to be able to jump to great heights, as well as engage in hand-to-hand combat. Akanbe can also use their long tongue in combat.

It was shown in episode 10 that an Akanbe's strength is directly related to its creator. In this episode, after Wolfrun feasted on okonomiyaki and regained his energy, the Akanbe he created grew larger and stronger as well.

When an Akanbe is defeated, the Red Nose explodes to free the Cure Decor piece trapped within. The piece will be kept inside the Decor Décor.

In episode 12, Joker gives the Bad End Kingdom commanders an upgraded version, the Blue Nose, which creates Akanbe monsters that, while weaker than the ones with red noses, cannot be defeated with the Cures' individual purification attacks. This is because the individual purification attacks aim to purify the Cure Decor piece within the Nose, and since the Blue Nose does not contain any Cure Decor piece, the attacks have no effect on the Akanbe.

In episode 24, when the Super Akanbe is defeated two Cure Decor are released, revealing that there is more than 16 Cure Decors.

In episode 32 it is shown that a Hyper Akanbe can be created from any other kind of Akanbe by swiping Bad End paint on its nose.

List of Akanbe

Image Possessing Summoned by Interesting details Defeated with


Akanbe 01.jpg House Wolfrun Jester shoes Happy Shower


Akanbe 02.jpg Volleyball Wolfrun Elbow pads and knee pads Sunny Fire


Akanbe 03.jpg Yayoi's Poster Akaoni A clown posing as a janitor Peace Thunder


Akanbe04.jpg Soccer Goalpost Akaoni Wings of a bat or a pterodactyl: a cross between a net and striped arms March Shoot


Akanbe 05.jpg Mirror Prop Majorina A pink bow on the side of the head Beauty Blizzard


Akanbe06.jpg Empty Drink Can Majorina Just the simple word "drink" on the front Happy Shower


Akanbe07.jpg Tree Wolfrun Small branches used for hands Happy Shower


Akanbe08.jpg Playground Rocking Horse Majorina Does not have arms like the first 7 Happy Shower


Akanbe.ep.9.jpg Tennis Court Roller Akaoni Possibly the head of a jester Peace Thunder


Akanbe.ep10.jpg Okonomiyaki Sauce Pot Wolfrun Simply carries a sauce brush Sunny Fire


Akanbe11.jpg Dandelion Flower Majorina Possibly gets small when summoned March Shoot


Akanbe12.jpg Gachapon Machine Wolfrun Somewhat like a ballot box with a frilled tutu Rainbow Healing


Akanbe.ep13.jpg Miyuki's Omikuji Fortune Akaoni Carries two different objects in both his hands Rainbow Healing


Akanbe.ep14.jpg Tsuutenkaku Majorina This here Akanbe has now gone to kaiju size Rainbow Healing


Akanbe 15.jpg Carnation Wolfrun This Akanbe is wearing a ribbon like a bowtie. Happy Shower


Akanbe.ep16.jpg Math Workbook Akaoni This Akanbe is wearing a hat with a question mark on it and it'll trap anyone in a huge red X if they get an answer wrong. Beauty Blizzard


Akanbe17.jpg FUJIWARA Billboard X 2 Majorina These two Billboard have actual faces instead of someone popping his or her head through the hole. Sunny Fire

Rainbow Healing


Akan.ep18.jpg Wicker Basket Akaoni It wears the collar like a headband. Rainbow Healing


Akanbe19.jpg Fox Origami Wolfrun The fox origami now has legs and feet to move around. Peace Thunder


Akanbe 20.jpg Jack-in-the-box Majorina the box part of the Akanbe was used as a body while the jack was used as a head. Rainbow Healing


Akanbe21.jpg Bamboo Tree Akaoni Muscle-like arms and legs. Happy Shower
Sunny Fire
Peace Thunder
March Shoot
Beauty Blizzard


Akanbe23.jpg Rocks Joker It can move like a snake, but it also has arms and hands. Happy Shower


24.jpg Gingerbread House Wolfrun This is the first Akanbe with a different type of nose. Rainbow Burst


Akanbe25.jpg Kakigōri Akaoni This one has no legs at all. Rainbow Burst


Akanbe.ep26.jpg Festival Prizes Majorina This one is a combination of all of the prizes. Rainbow Burst


Akanbe.ep27.jpg Incense Holder Wolfrun This one has a clown head. Rainbow Burst


Akan.ep28.jpg School Building Majorina Its arms are on the roof of the building. Rainbow Burst

Ghosts Majorina a bunch of objects with blue noses -


Akan.ep29.jpg Ferris Wheel Majorina This Akanbe has no hands at all. Rainbow Burst


Green Nose Akanbes Majorina All of them sport a green inner tube with yellow spots. -


Akanbe.ep30.jpg Piranha Akaoni The Akanbe's face was used as a make-up on the piranha. Rainbow Burst


Akanbe.ep31.jpg Backhoe Wolfrun Its the first Akanbe that's been piloted by Wolfrun. Happy Shower

(Royal Clock)


Roller Coaster Joker This Akanbe can move like a snake. Royal Rainbow Burst


Akanbe.ep33.jpg Video Camera Akaoni Its the first Akanbe that's been piloted by Akaoni. Royal Rainbow Burst


Akan.ep34.jpg Electric Guitar Majorina It's the first Akanbe that's been piloted by Majorina. Royal Rainbow Burst

SmPC35 HuPC37

Robot Action Figures Wolfrun


Doctor Traum

This Akanbe can combine themselves into one. Royal Rainbow Burst

Cure Bloom/Bright, Cure Egret/Windy, Cure Lovely and Cure Princess’s Form Changes, and Cure Miracle and Magical’s Styles


Akan.36.jpg Key Pendant Wolfrun The Akanbe's face is right where the key ring goes through the key. Royal Rainbow Burst


Akanbe 37.jpg Ballot Box Wolfrun This Akanbe has a hole right on his head. Royal Rainbow Burst


Akanbe38.jpg Acorn Majorina The acorn that the Akanbe possessed is now a giant. Royal Rainbow Burst


Akan.ep39.jpg Miyuki's Glass Slipper Wolfrun This is first Akanbe with an actual red nose since episode 21 of Smile Pretty Cure. Happy Shower


Akanbe 40.jpg Volleyball Wolfrun Just like the previous Akanbe that possessed a volley, but this one has Wolfrun's face on it. Sunny Fire Burning

Royal Rainbow Burst


Akanbe 41.jpg Yayoi's Manga Akaoni The character from the manga is now alive with Akaoni's face. Peace Thunder Hurricane

Royal Rainbow Burst


Akanbe42.jpg Majorina's Apple Majorina The eyes on this Akanbe are pupilless. March Shoot Impact

Royal Rainbow Burst


Joker's Mirror Joker It's first and only Akanbe that's been piloted/used as a weapon by Joker. Beauty Blizzard Arrow

Royal Rainbow Burst


Akan.ep44.jpg Building Wolfrun The color scheme on this Akanbe is different. Happy Shower Shining

Royal Rainbow Burst


Pierrot Shadow Monsters.jpg Pierrot Shadows Pierrot These are the first and only Akanbe that were summoned by its master. Fire Shoot

Thunder Blizzard



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