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Akimoto Madoka (秋元まどか Akimoto Madoka?) is Komachi's older sister. Madoka looks so much like Komachi that others tend to confuse the two, but their personalities are vastly different.



Madoka resembles Komachi greatly, but her hair is shorter and dark green like her eyes. She is also taller.

She is usually depicted in clothing suitable for biking, such as a leather jacket and gloves. But she casually wears a purple top with short dark blue denim pants with a white belt and dark brown heels.


Like Komachi, she is kind and polite. But she is shown to be confident and optismistic in comparison to Komachi's frail nature. She cares very much for Komachi and often tries encouraging her and explaining her behavior to those who are concerned for her.


One day, on the way to Natts House, the group spots a mysterious girl being scolded by Natts for making too much noise with her motorcycle. When she takes off her helmet, the Cures at first think she's Komachi, but they later discover that she's her sister, Madoka. Madoka came to Natts shop for a request from Komachi, who wanted her to bring some sweets. As she is about to leave, Natts asks to come with her so he can pay Komachi a visit.

After getting back, Madoka comes to Komachi to reveal the turn of events. She leaves Komachi and Natts to give them privacy until she hears a loud noise. Worried it would bother the neighbors, she comes into the room to find them suddenly missing. Later she notices everyone on the other side of the house and is left confused and wondering how they got there.

In Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, it's revealed that she is an artist and goes to college. When she is away, Komachi is left in charge of the family restaurant, Japanese Confectionery Komachi.



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