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All • For • You! (オールフォーユー!?) is the fourth group attack that the Cures use in HUGtto! Pretty Cure. It is first used in episode 37 and requires the Mirai Brace. The attack is with all the past Pretty Cure's powers, including minor characters throughout the series.

History of usage

Episode 37

After the Mirai Braces are created, the cast of HUGtto Pretty Cure shout, "Pretty Cure Mirai Brace! Connecting the bonds of our future!" Then, putting their Mirai Braces together towards the sky, they shout "Pretty Cure! All For You!" with their hands in a swinging motion, shooting a bright light towards Doctor Traum. The bright light allows Pekorin and Mofurun to return to their Cure forms, so they decide to also support Pretty Cure. After that cameos of past major characters are shown supporting Pretty Cure, such as Regina, Pikario, Nanase Yui, Cure Flower, and Cure Echo. The past Cures then glow bright gold, and with some words from Cure Black and Cure White, the HUGtto! Cures unleash their power with all the other Cures. A light-pink heart surrounds what seems to be the universe, and Doctor Traum has a brief reunion with Ruru (who is his daughter), after which he is purified. A bright glowing heart surrounds the Earth, and time continues.



All: プリキュアミライブレース!
All: つながる絆私たちの未来!
All: プリキュアオールフォーユー!


All: Purikyua Mirai Burēsu!
All: Tsunagaru kizuna watashitachi no mirai!
All: Purikyua Ōru Fō Yū!


All: Precure Mirai Brace!
All: Connecting the Bonds of Our Future!
All: Pretty Cure All • For • You!


  • This attack is only performed once in the whole series.



-1080p-HUGtto! Pretty Cure Group Attack Precure All For You

-1080p-HUGtto! Pretty Cure Group Attack Precure All For You

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