アロアロ Aroaro
SeasonHappiness Charge Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Yellow
Home PlaceHawaii
First AppearanceHCPC28
Japanese Voice ActorFukagawa Seria
Aloalo (アロアロ Aroaro?) is a fairy from the series Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. She is Alo~ha Pretty Cure's mascot partner and helps them out during their battles. She ends her sentences with "~lolo."


Similar to Ribbon and Glasan, Aloalo is a panda-like fairy with white skin and grayish ears with two grayish marks above her brown eyes. She wears a dark yellow dress and appears to wear a red ladybug appearing bag that has pink, blue, yellow and purple circles and a white heart markings on the back. She wears a silver beaded necklace with a silver brooch connected on the front around her neck. She has dark yellow hair shaped as a swirl on her forehead. She also wears a big red flower with a dark yellow center on her head.


She is known to be sensitive, being prone to cry, like begging Happiness Charge Pretty Cure to help Alo~ha Pretty Cure, and telling Ohana and Olina to stop fighting with each other.

Alo~ha Pretty Cure in a Pinch

Aloalo appears in the embassy, telling Blue that the Alo~ha Pretty Cure are in a pinch and she reveals that they have been losing to the Phantom Empire and half of Hawaii has been covered in ice. On their way to Hawaii, the team arrives on time to save Ohana and Olina who have both been defeated by Madam Momere. Back at their home, the two began to argue again, which makes Aloalo sad and cries. Iona scolds the two for making their fairy partner sad. Madam Momere returns, taunting the Alo~ha Pretty Cure. Aloalo has faith in her partners that they can save Hawaii. Cure Sunset and Cure Wave managed to defeat Momere's last Saiark, saving Hawaii.


Aloalo (アロアロ?) - Aloalo means "hibiscus" in Hawaiian, which is a plant of the mallow family, grown in warm climates for its large brightly coloured flowers or for products such as fibre or timber.


  • It is possible that Aloalo came from the Blue Sky Kingdom and was sent to Hawaii after Ohana and Olina got their hands on Blue's Love Crystal and became the Hawaiian Pretty Cure.
  • It is unknown if Aloalo can produce any PreCards like Ribbon and Glasan.
    • In episode 28 when the Alo~ha Pretty Cures defeated Madam Momere she did not produce PreCards, this could hint she can not produce them.
  • Aloalo is the only fairy noticed to belong in the International Cures in this season.
  • She shares the same voice actress as Melan, a mascot from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.



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