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Amamiya Kaede (天宮 かえで?) is the mother of Elena, Touma, Reina, Takuto, Ikuto, and Anna and wife of Carlos. She is Japanese and she works as a translator. Her children all take up her surname.


Kaede has dark crimson hair and her eye color is orange red. She wears a grey officer costume with a pale pink shirt and dark blue belt. She also wears black high heeled Mary Jane shoes.


Like her husband, Kaede is a cheerful and friendly person. She usually uses foreign languages in communication, which makes her sons and daughters proficient at foreign languages.


When Kaede visited Mexico for work, she met Carlos, fell in love and got married with him. After that, their children were born in turn and made a big family.

In episode 42, Kaede is displeased that Elena is being untrue to herself and is focusing too much on the family instead of figuring out her own career. Kaede then becomes vulnerable to Tenjo, who abducts her and turns her into a Nottorei. During the battle, Soleil realizes Kaede doesn't like her faking a smile. Kaede is saved by the Cures, though she is unaware of what happened and continues on her way.

In episode 43, when Elena decides to be honest with her, Kaede comforts her and says that crying and smiling for others are equally important, even giving Elena a heartfelt hug. Kaede is now glad that Elena has found out a career for herself when Elena tells her she wants to become an interpreter like her.



Amamiya (天宮?) - Ama (?) means "heaven" or "sky" [1] while Miya (?) means "shrine" or "palace" [2]. Together, Amamiya means "sky shrine".

Kaede (かえで?) comes from the kanji 楓, which means "maple tree".[3].



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