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Amamiya Siblings Profile
The Amamiya Siblings (天宮 兄弟?) are the brothers and sisters of Elena in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. The group consists of six siblings, of which Elena is the oldest. The younger siblings are Touma, Reina, Takuto, Ikuto and Anna. As their parents, Carlos and Kaede are the owners of the flower shop "Sonrisa". They are often working at the store and Elena has the responsibility of taking care of her five siblings.


Amamiya Elena

Main article: Amamiya Elena

Amamiya Elena (天宮 えれな?) is the oldest sibling in the family who has a radiant smile. She often works at the shop and takes care of her younger siblings. Elena usually makes her siblings smile most of the time.

Elena is voiced by Yasuno Kiyono.

Amamiya Touma

Amamiya Touma (天宮 とうま?) is the second-oldest sibling and the oldest boy in the group. He is 9 years old, an elementary school age. He seems to be busy by using his phone most of the time, even at night. He likes to eat lollipops. Unlike his joyous siblings, he is noticeably quiet and depressed for most of the time.

In Episode 14, the reason behind his depressed outlook and personality is caused by his peers' mockeries and reproaches on his cheery family which makes him wish to have a normal family and feels extremely fed up with their optimism as a result. He later falls victim under the power of Tenjo and becomes into a Nottorei, but fortunately his sister Elena, as Cure Soleil, rescues him in time, and thanks to Elena's enlightenment, he soon regains his ability to smile.

Touma is voiced by Kondou Yui.

Amamiya Reina

Amamiya Reina (天宮 れいな?) is the third sibling in the group and the second-youngest girl in the group. She is 7 years old, an elementary school age. Reina is voiced by Nishikawa Mai.

Amamiya Takuto and Amamiya Ikuto

Amamiya Takuto (天宮 たくと?) and Amamiya Ikuto (天宮 とうま?) are twins. They are 5 years old, a preschool age. Their eye, hair, skin, costume colors are contrast with the other. Takuto wears an orange shirt and a sky blue gilet with the character "T" while Ikuto wears an dodger blue shirt and a yellow gilet with the character "I". As twins, they share the same voice actress and are always active in pairs.

Both are voiced by Yorita Natsu.

Amamiya Anna

Amamiya Anna (天宮 あんな?) is the youngest sibling in the group and the youngest girl. She is 3 years old, which is toddler age.

Anna is voiced by Haruno Anzu.


  • Takuto and Ikuto share their voice actress with the Gemini Star Princesses. All four of them are twins.
  • In a similar way to his brothers, Touma also shares his voice actress with another Star Princess. In this case, Virgo, which coincidentally enough, was revived by his sister Elena.


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