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Anno Tanpopo (庵野たんぽぽ Anno Tanpopo?) is a minor character from HUGtto! Pretty Cure. She is Hana's grandmother.


Tanpop is a small older woman with fluffy, pearl pink hair reminiscent of a cloud or cotton candy, usually worn with white cloth. She has dark pink eyes and usually wears white attire.

When she was younger, Tanpopo wore her hair in a pair of low buns. She tucked her bangs back with a red clip and wore a white cloth hat.




  • Anno Sousuke - Her deceased husband who created a sweet named Hope Manju with her. She still has a pendant which holds a picture of him. She also often sits before his altar and remembers her past with him.
  • Nono Hana - Her first granddaughter. In episode 29, she saw Hana in Cure Yell, when she had saved her from the Oshimaida's attack.
  • Nono Sumire - Her daughter.
  • Nono Shintarou - Her son-in-law.
  • Nono Kotori - Her youngest granddaughter.
  • Youne - Her old friend. At first, she was displeased to know that Youne wasn't feeling satisfied with her sweets anymore, but was then happy with Youne when she offered to help her at the shop.



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