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Aoki Junnosuke
青木淳之介 Aoki Junnosuke
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlue
Home PlaceNanairogaoka
RelativesAoki Reika (sister)

Aoki Soutarou (grandfather)
Aoki Shizuko (mother)

First AppearanceSmPC16
Japanese Voice ActorYoshikai Kiyohito

Aoki Junnosuke (青木淳之介 Aoki Junnosuke?) is Reika's older brother, and a minor character in the series Smile Pretty Cure!. He made his first appearance in episode 16.


Junnosuke has floppy dull blue hair and light blue eyes. He wears glasses, and seems to be of college age. He normally wears a light blue shirt with an off-white pullover, long gray pants and black shoes. During morning exercises, he wears a blue tracksuit.


Junnosuke is a kind older brother to Reika, and the two do morning exercises and go running together every morning. Reika addresses him by the respectful term "onii-sama".


  • Soutarou's voice actor, Yoshikai Kiyohito, also voices Kitahara Tomofumi, a fellow classmate of the Smile! girls.


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