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Aoki Shizuko (青木静子 Aoki Shizuko?) is Reika's mother, and a minor character in Smile Pretty Cure!. She made her first appearance in episode 15.


Shizuko's hair is a much darker shade of blue compared to Reika's, and she keeps it styled into a traditional bun. Her eyes are a light shade of purple. When shown, she dresses in a light purple kimono with a light green obi, as well as socks and wooden geta.


Shizuko dresses and acts just like a Yamato Nadeshiko or a traditional Japanese lady: Proper, domestic, humble, and firm but fair. and she has been seen making bento lunches for the family at the beginning of the day in episode 16.


  • Her voice actress later voices another mother of a Pretty Cure, Kaido Masumi in Go! Princess Pretty Cure.
    • Coincidentally, both are the mothers of the blue Cure of their respective season.


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