Aoki Soutarou
青木曾太郎 Aoki Sōtarō
SeasonSmile Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorDull Blue
Hair ColorWhite
Home PlaceNanairogaoka
RelativesAoki Reika (granddaughter)

Aoki Shizuko (daughter)
Aoki Junnosuke (grandson)

First AppearanceSmPC16
Japanese Voice ActorNishimura Tomomichi

Aoki Soutarou (青木曾太郎 Aoki Sōtarō?) is Reika's grandfather and father of Aoki Shizuko, and a minor character in Smile Pretty Cure!. He made his first appearance in episode 16.


Soutarou is an old man with white hair around the sides of his head and a white moustache. His eyes are a dull shade of blue. He is normally seen in a light gray men's kimono with a blue belt and inner lining, a brown coat, and dark blue socks with wooden geta.


Soutarou is a wise man and Reika's confidant. When Reika was troubled about the reason behind the things she did, he advised her to give up on everything in order to better find out what she really wanted to do.SmPC16

He has also been shown to write calligraphy, and Reika's wall scroll with the word "the way" from episode 7 was probably written by him.


  • Soutarou's seiyuu, Nishimura Tomomichi, also voiced the following roles in the Pretty Cure series.
  • His seiyuu, Nishimura Tomomichi, shares the same last name with Cure Beauty/Reika's seiyuu named Nishimura Chinami. Coincidentally, Cure Beauty/Reika is his granddaughter in the series.
  • By the time of the Smile Pretty Cure! novel set 10 years in the future, Soutarou has passed away.


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