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Aono Remi
青野レミ Aono Remi
SeasonFresh Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorLight Blue
Hair ColorBlue
RelativesAono Miki (daughter), Ichijo Kazuki (son),
Unnamed divorced ex-husband
First AppearanceFPC02
Japanese Voice ActorUran Sakiko

Aono Remi (青野レミ Aono Remi?) is Miki's mother who lives with Miki. When Miki was younger, her parents divorced, so her son Kazuki lives with her ex-husband.



Remi resembles Miki. She has pale skin and slanted, dark-colored eyes. Her pastel indigo hair is chest length with her thick, curled ringlet forelocks worn over shoulder. Her long bangs are split at the corner, mostly brushed to the right.   Her normal attire consists of a ruffled shirt beneath a white jacket, a black mini-skirt or pair of shorts, and black heels. When working she dons a pink salon bag around her waist.


She is shown to enjoy teasing Miki about small things and really likes to practice hair dressing. She expresses concern over Miki some of the time, and usually notices when she is behaving differently. At some points their relationship seems to be slightly strained.


Remi runs a nail and hair salon and was once a famous Idol.



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