Arachnea (アラクネア Arakunea?) is a villain in Yes! Pretty Cure 5. Along with Hadenya, they are the only female employees of the Nightmare Company.


Arachnea appears as a woman with short purplish pink hair wearing a business office dress. Her true form is that of a humanoid spider with six "legs" on her back.


Arachnea is overconfident that her abilities can handle the Cures easily. Each defeat is a stab to her pride which makes her become desperate to defeat them no matter what it takes.


Yes! Pretty Cure 5

Hired by Bunbee

She was hired by Bunbee to get the Dream Collet after hearing her express her desire to steal the Dream Collet. Arachnea than chased down Nozomi, and succeeded, however she also caught Komachi as well. Nozomi tried to run but Arachnea kept pursuing her. When Nozomi finally transformed, Arachnea started to shot webs at the two girls but Rin and Urara had arrived with Coco as well. Once Komachi gained her Pretty Cure powers, Arachnea became angry and made a Kowaina before leaving.

Upon her return, Arachnea was scolded by Bunbee. Arachnea asked for another chance, however Bunbee refused, and told to her to go on vacation while he fought the Cures instead. Bunbee then opened a hole beneath her feet for Arachnea to fall into.YPC505

Coming back again

Bunbee was disappointed in his efforts to steal the Dream Collet so he ordered Arachnea to steal it, in which she accepted. She attacked the Cures, however her Kowaina was purified so she escaped.YPC508

In the next episode, Arachnea was told about Kawarino who wanted the Dream Collet. Arachnea then asked for another chance in which she used Mika as bait so the Cures would hand over the Dream Collet. However, her plan failed as the Cures came up with a plan to save Mika. YPC509

Final Battle

Arachnea asks for the black paper so she can defeat the Cures once and for all. She doubted her decision, especially since Bunbee warned her about the consequences, but she believed using it was for the right choice to make for Nightmare. She confronted the Cures with more rage than usual, and nearly defeated them until Nozomi arrived. All 5 Cures were about to defeat Arachnea, when she finally used the black paper which turned herself into a powerful monster, further injuring the Cures. After Milk conveyed her true feelings and helped the Cures with her willpower, Five Explosion eventually defeated Arachnea, killing her for good.YPC530

Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2: Kibou no Hikari - Rainbow Jewel o Mamore!

Arachnea returns in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2 as one of Bottom's servants. She appeared with Karehan to trap Tsubomi and Erika but were defeated by the Fresh Cures.


Arachnea - from "arachnid" the genus of spiders.


  • Arachnea is revived in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2, where she and Karehan ambush Tsubomi, Erika, Mipple, and Mepple, trapping them in spider nets. However, their attack is interrupted when the Fresh Pretty Cure! arrive and free the girls and mascots, forcing Arachnea and Karehan to fight them.




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