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Ban Kenji (蛮ケンジ Ban Kenji?) is a supporting character who appears in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. He is student attending Myoudou Academy who is a fan of the Pretty Cure, and an aspiring mangaka.



Kenji is very tall, so much so that he often bumps his head in doorways. He has long and shaggy black hair and blue eyes that are similar to his mother's. He usually wears a grey shirt that covers his sleeveless vest.


Due to Kenji's intimidating appearance and "delinquent" aura, the majority of Myoudou Academy's student body was terrified of him. But in reality, Kenji is very gentle and caring. He dreams of being a mangaka, but is worried about his mother not supporting his dream, so he kept his work a secret. He also feels guilty when he has lies to someone he cares about, such as his mother. However, after his mother tells him that she supports his dream, Kenji becomes more open with his love of manga, and is also friendlier towards other people.


  • Hanasaki Tsubomi: He is extremely grateful when Tsubomi helps him with his comic. When the girls leave to fight the final battle, he specifically says goodbye to Cure Blossom, showing how he admires her as his friend.
  • Kurumi Erika: He becomes friends with Erika after she and Tsubomi help him out with his manga, and is extremely grateful for her help.
  • Ban Keiko: Initially, he was afraid of his mother not supporting his dream, and he was so ashamed that he had to hide it from her. However, he opens up to about his dream once she tells him she'll support him.


Kenji with the Cures

When school ends for the day, Kenji hits his head on the door which makes everyone laugh. But when he glares at them, everyone stops laughing and freeze in fear, except for Tsubomi who admires him. Later, Tsubomi and Erika head to Kenji's house, where Erika tells Tsubomi about a rumour regarding Kenji beating up a "bad boss".

When they arrive at his house, it turns out Kenji lives in a rich family. There, they meet his mother who is delighted to see them, thinking they're his friends. But Kenji, who was sneaking out into his house, tries to tell the girls through sign language that he doesn't want them telling his mother that he was leaving. However, Tsubomi doesn't get the memo and almost tells his mother about him when Erika stops her and frantically runs away knowing they had been targeted by Kenji. But he chases them throughout the town until they get to a temple, where Kenji saves Tsubomi after Erika accidentally stops abruptly on the edge of the staircase.

Kenji tries to hide his secret when they attempt to pick up his bag, but they notice his manga instantly, which surprises them since it was about their Pretty Cure identities. With no other choice, Kenji explains his secret, his concerns regarding his mother and about the Pretty Cure legend. He then explains his manga's plot and that he wants it to be a contender in a manga contest, but the deadline was in 2 days and he wasn't sure he'd make it. However the girls decide to help him complete the manga at Erika's house. Whilst there, everything is going smoothly when his mother drops by with a cake since she thought he was studying with them. The trio try to hide the manga but it is discovered anyway. Ashamed, Kenji explains himself but runs away, feeling bad for having lied to his mother.

While regretting his decision, Kenji notices Kumojacky who steals his Heart Flower, turning him into a Desertrian. The Pretty Cures arrive to rescue Kenji and scold Kumojacky for using his Heart Flower, and for calling Kenji a weakling. When Kenji wakes up, he finds his mother nearby and apologizes while admitting he really wants to be a manga artist, which she tells him he has her support. A few days later, Kenji registers his manga into the contest and asks the girls if they could help him sometimes in the future, which they happily accept.



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