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Bando Isuzu (坂東いすず Bando Isuzu?) is one of the movie exclusive characters from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure: Mana Kekkon!!? Mirai ni Tsunagu Kibō no Dress. She is the late grandmother of Aida Mana and can take the form of a fairy known as Bebel (ベーベル Bēberu?).


Isuzu has violet like grey hair and pale magenta eyes. She wears a violet kimono and a white apron with green linings. She wears black sandals with dark red socks.

As Bebel, she has light cyan blue fur. She has long floppy ears that have round yellow shades at their tips. Beneath her blue eyes are pink blushes on her cheeks. She wears a violet piece donned with a golden bell. On her head is a purple head scarf.


She is a kind and caring woman who loves Mana very much. When Mana was trapped in her memories with her grandmother, Isuzu would cheer her up so Mana could have the courage to leave the past behind.


Years prior to the movie, Isuzu passed down her wedding dress to Ayumi. When her granddaughter was born, she suggested her name should be Mana. Unfortunately some time before the main season, she passed away.

After Mana, Rikka, Alice and Makoto got kidnapped by Marsh, Bebel appeared in front of their fairy partners. Her past form as Isuzu then met Mana inside her shared memory.

At first, the four fairies were suspicious of Bebel as she seemed to know a lot about how Marsh's weapons worked, so she told them her backstory. She then accompanied the four fairies inside Marsh's mechanical whale and found out about the film reels. Knowing that Marsh couldn't be reasoned with words alone, Bebel confronted him so that the four fairies could have enough time to rescue the girls. She told Marsh that Mana wouldn't be the type to give up easily.

Inside Mana's memories, Isuzu met Sharuru and decided to encourage Mana so that Mana would regain hope for the future and help her friends. Bebel later supported the Cures using the Miracle Bouquet Light so they could travel into the future. In the end, Bebel thanked Mana for protecting Mallow's soul and Mana finally recognized that Bebel had been her grandmother the entire time as she departed.


  • Bando Isuzu shares the same voice actress with Desperaia, the main villain from Yes! Pretty Cure 5.
  • She suggested the name, "Mana" for her granddaughter.


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