バリトン Bariton
SeasonSuite Pretty Cure♪
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorIce Blue
Home PlaceMinor Land
First AppearanceSPC01
Theme ColorBlue
Japanese Voice ActorOobayashi Youhei

Baritone (バリトン Bariton?) is a member of Trio de Minor along with Bassdrum and Falsetto from Suite Pretty Cure♪. His theme colour is blue. All of the members of the trio are always together and tend to sing in sync. Also like the others from Minor Land he can't stand happy music and cringes at the sound of it. As part of the trio his personality seems to be cool and cold but still a follower of the group. He is one of the first to speculate that Siren might be Cure Muse only to be proven wrong later.


Baritone along with the rest of the trio were once the three musketeers that protected Major Land in the past, until they were controlled by Mephisto who was being controlled himself by Noise.

He and Bassdrum almost come to their senses in episode 42, only to return to Falsetto until episode 43. The two finally lose their monstrous forms before almost sacrificing themselves. They return in episode 46 where they saved Cure Melody from Noise, and let themselves be devoured by Noise after he devoured Falsetto (who they still value as their friend). The trio remained as stone after Noise's defeat, but returned to being the musketeers of Major Land after Hummy sings the Melody of Happiness.


First Upgrade

In episode 26, Mephisto gives the Trio the Minor new powers with his special earphones. Baritone's sense of sight has now been greatly enhanced, as he is now able to spot a Note very easily.

He now has a purple marking on the left side of his face, which resembles half of a heart.

Second Upgrade

In episode 37, Falsetto gives Bassdrum and Baritone new monstrous forms.

His hair is a whitish blue color and looks somewhat like a lizard. He also gains a white cape with shoulder pads, growing at least 7 feet and has what looks to be a long white tail. Being a narcissist, he cries when he sees himself in this form.


  • Baritone got the least number of summoned Negatones, two in total.


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