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  Bassdrum (バスドラ Basudora?) is a villain and a member of Trio the Minor from Suite Pretty Cure♪, alongside Baritone and Falsetto.

He is the trio's leader from episode 22 to 25, and from episode 28 to 36.


In episode 26, he is given a power up form. His beard and hair are now more wild, spiking up at the tips. He now has purple markings on his face around his eyes, which resemble two halves of a heart. Bassdrum now has a tight green top, gray, bone-like armor on his shoulders, a red gem on his chest, and dark green pants. He is shown to be extremely buff, though it is unknown if he had these before his power-up.

In episode 37 Falsetto gives Bassdrum and Baritone new monstrous forms. He grows immensely and takes on a new, amphibious appearance. He wears the same outfit, but his hair is more wild and spiked at the tips.


Bassdrum has a big ego and wants to be the leader of the group so he clashes with Baritone and Siren, who have ambitions of their own. While he comes up with several schemes to beat the Cures, his haughtiness almost always causes him to overlook several details and his efforts end in no avail. He mellows out and his relationship with Baritone improves when the two are forced to become Falsetto's henchmen. They are noticeably more incompetent, though that can be blamed the two only half-heartedly following Falsetto's orders. Like most other people from Minor Land he can't stand happy music and cringes at the sound of it.


  • Trio the Minor: They argue many times while still spending time together as a trio, and quartet when Siren was still their leader (going cherry blossom viewing, to a café, to the beach, etc)
  • Baritone: They are always seen together after brainwashed Falsetto became the new leader. Bassdrum even scolded Falsetto for making Baritone cry.SPC37
  • Falsetto: While annoyed with brainwashed Falsetto's attitude and demands (Bassdrum also has trouble adjusting to calling him "-sama"), he was impressed by his competence, still valued him as a friend and cried when he thought that Falsetto died.SPC46



Bassdrum, along with the rest of the trio were once the three musketeers that protected Major Land in the past, until they were controlled by Noise. Upon failing he witnessed Hibiki and Kanade's transformation into Cure Melody and Rhythm, respectively. He started to taunt and tease at their failure to defeat the Negatone because their Harmony Power was out of sync. It wasn't until episode ten where he got a major plot. After being saved by Ouji, Siren began to understand human emotions. Bassdrum became aware of this and reported this to Mephisto so as to discredit Siren and become the leader of the Trio the Minor in SPC11 and succeeded .

Muse's Arrival

When Cure Muse first appeared he speculated it was Siren because she strangely left every night coming back at dawn. She was very secret about her 'departures' and refused to tell anyone where she was going. However it revealed she is not Cure Muse because Muse saved Pretty Cure from Siren herself in episode 13. After Siren's permanent departure in episode 21 Bassdrum acclaimed the leader position.


In episode 26, Mephisto gives everyone in Trio the Minor new powers using his special earphones. Bassdrum's sense of smell has been greatly enhanced, as he can smell a note from far away.


  • Bassdrum got 15 summons of Negatones because he summoned 2 Negatones twice, having joint highest number of summons with Siren.


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