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Batetemoda (バテテモーダ?) is a general from the Byogens and a villain from Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure.  He used to be a regular nutria until he was infected by a Megabyogen's seed. He is defeated in episode 20 by Healing Hurricane.



Batetemoda is a humanoid nutria with pale yellow hair and green eyes. He wears a black t-shirt underneath a red sleeveless jacket with black trim. He also wears a gold necklace, silver bracelets on both of his wrists, olive green baggy pants, and black sandals.


Batetemoda is an aggressive fighter who is also arrogant and vain. He is vicious since he loves fighting just for the sake of his own amusement. However, when being with the other generals he can come off childish. Despite this, he is a fast learner, and it becomes clear that he is willing to betray his comrades to prove his power. But due to his arrogance and recklessness, he quickly meets his own downfall.


  • Daruizen, Shindoine, and Guaiwaru: He claims he views them as his family, calling Daruizen his older brother, Shindoine as his older sister, and Guaiwaru as his "senior". But it later turns out that he wants to be better than them, proven by how he wants to make Guiawaru his henchman instead.


Batetemoda was originally a nutria living in the wild. However, at the end of episode 11, Daruizen's powerful Megabyogen spawned a parasitic seed that infected him, turning him into a humanoid nutria.

He attacks the Cures for the first time in episode 12 by summoning a Jewelry Megabyogen. He is so strong that he manages to put up a good fight against the Cures thanks to his aggressive fighting style. Although the Cures later purify his Megabyogen, he can't care less about his defeat as he now views the three girls as perfect targets to fight for his own amusement.

In episode 13, Guaiwaru teaches Batetemoda how to skillfully summon a Megabyogen that could infect many areas, until both are discovered by the Cures. Although both lose against the Cures, Batetemoda still finds it satisfying to learn from Guaiwaru.

In episode 14, Batetemoda compliments Guaiwaru despite not wanting to do what he told him. He then decides to take on the Cures by interrupting the Sukoyaka Festival through infecting the Wind Spirit. He ends up losing after his Megabyogen is purified but still wanted to fight the Cures again sometime soon.

He once again infects the Wind Element Spirit in episode 19, one that is powerful enough to hold the Cures hostage. He doesn't even hesitate to kidnap Latte who tries to help the three Cures on her own. He is defeated after witnessing the debut of Cure Earth, but this doesn't stop him from planning his next attack before he retreats.

In episode 20, after a final warning from King Byogen, Batetemoda is confronted by Guaiwaru, who wants the remains of his previous Megabyogen that he had picked up. But Batetemoda doesn't give him his third stone. He later summons a Megabyogen, which he powers up using the final stone. Although he had overpowered the original Cures, he is easily overpowered by Cure Earth when he is defeated by her attack.


He is able to create a Megabyogen by using the bacteria from his own body.


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