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This article is about the Smile Pretty Cure! attacks Beauty Blizzard. For the Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! attacks, please go to Blizzard and Metal Blizzard.

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Beauty Blizzard (ビューティーブリザード Byūtī Burizādo?) (called Sparkle Blizzard in Glitter Force and Fairytale Snowstorm in the Smile Warrior dub) is a basic finishing move that Cure Beauty uses. To use it, Cure Beauty needs to charge her Smile Pact with enough fighting spirit to make it glow and grant her power to perform the attack. This move requires plenty of energy to perform, making Cure Beauty feel exhausted after using it.

Beauty Blizzard is capable of successfully purifying Red and possibly Yellow Nose Akanbe monsters but does not work against Blue Nose Akanbe.

In episode 43, Beauty uses a powered-up version of this attack, named Beauty Blizzard Arrow (ビューティブリザードアロー Byūtī Burizādo Arō?) or Sparkle Blizzard Arrow in Glitter Force


Cure Beauty first charges up her Smile Pact with her fighting spirit, making it glow and granting her power. When enough fighting spirit has been collected, the Smile Pact explodes in ice, which Beauty gathers snow in her right hand. She then draws a snowflake pattern with her left hand, combines both together and fires a freezing blast at the enemy. The attack was used on Joker in episode 23 but he survived.

In episode 29, she uses Beauty Blizzard to freeze the pool and skate to the finish line during a swimming race with Wolfrun.

In episode 38, young Cure Beauty uses Beauty Blizzard.  The sequence is much shorter than the regular attack; she just draws the snowflake before firing the attack with her right hand.  However, like the others, it was too weak to do much damage to the Akanbe.

In episode 43, Beauty uses a powered-up version of the attack, named Beauty Blizzard Arrow (ビューティブリザードアロー Byūtī Burizādo Arō?), against a Hyper Akanbe.



Cure Beauty: プリキュアビューティーブリザード!


Cure Beauty: Purikyua Byūtī Burizādo!

Literal Translation

Cure Beauty: Pretty Cure Beauty Blizzard!

English version

Glitter Breeze: Glitter Force Sparkle Blizzard!


  • Beauty Blizzard Arrow is the only upgrade attack in Smile Pretty Cure! to have a highly dramatic change in its attack sequence.
  • This is one of two attacks that kept part of its name in Glitter Force (the other being Sunny Fire).





Beauty Blizzard (Cure Beauty) ~HD


Beauty Blizzard Arrow (Cure Beauty) ~HD