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Beauty Harry (ビューティーハリー Byūtī Harī?) is Hariham Harry's fashion shop in HUGtto! Pretty Cure. It is also Harry and Hugtan's home.



Harry pulled their new home out of his suitcase in episode 2. At that time it was still empty and undecorated.

In episode 4 Harry was busy unpacking all sorts of beauty products. When Hana asked what he was doing, he announced that he wanted to open a hairstyling and fashion shop.

Before the opening in episode 5, Hana asked Homare to help them with the shop's decoration because they felt it wasn't quite right. Harry's decoration of Beauty Harry was so confusing that Homare couldn't even tell what kind of shop it was supposed to be. When Harry explained that it was a fashion shop, she told him he was doing it wrong. With Homare's help, the decoration was simplified a lot, giving the shop a much cuter and relaxing appearance. The girls took photos of the shop that they put online. After that the opening was a big success.


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