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Bitter (苦い Nigai?) is one of the villains who appears in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday!.


Bitter appears, with long, curly, blonde hair. He has red eyes, while he is brainwashed. He wears, a shirt, and also has the same green brooch, which Mushiban has, attached to it. He also wears black pants, and shoes.


He is Mushiban's subordinate who tries to turn Pretty Cure into sweets, he is cool-looking but cold-hearted, egotistical man who hates all thing sweet, preferring alcohol. However, he used to serve for the Queen, love sweets and was nice and kind. At the end of the movie, he was back to normal.


Before being brainwashed

He was kind and served for the queen as Dry, as a butler he served things for the Queen.

After being brainwashed

Mushiban had told Bitter, to defeat the Cures, and turn them into sweets. He then met the girls, and then took Urara and Komachi to a pond, where there was juice, the girls were getting juice, as then Bitter used his power, to make a big fish eat the girls and absorb them into the pond. As Urara, and Komachi see where they are, Bitter tells them, that they were in the stove. Then the girls transformed, and begin fighting. As the Cures fight, and stay in the same place, Bitter uses a object and throws it to them, as then a big explosion defeats the Cures.

While, the others fight, Cure Dream, who was fighting with Evil Coco, was thinking in her mind to have a good party with all of the girls. This awakes Cure Lemonade, and Mint, from being sweets, and then the Cures begin fighting again, as the manage to defeat Bitter.

Mushiban's death

When Mushiban gets defeated by Shining Dream, Mushiban's mind control breaks, and Bitter gets free. Then as shown in the ending, he appears serving to the Queen again.


  • Dry - They have the same mission, to defeat the cures and turn them to sweets. They both are controlled by Mushiban.
  • Mushiban - Mushiban is the person who controls Bitter, and tells him to fight the Cures.


  • His name was never mentioned in the movie.




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