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Heather24 Heather24 2 days ago


If anyone needs a dub voice for Marine or Berry, I’ll be here!

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CureRea CureRea 2 days ago

hi im rea

hi I'm rea this is my first blog

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PeaceBestGurl PeaceBestGurl 4 days ago

Eternal Smile Pretty Cure! Episode 1

It was early in the morning, but Miyuki was tossing and turning in her bed. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and she held her head. "Miyuki." the voice said. "Huh?" she asked. "Who's there?" She looked around. It was dark, until suddenly, a blinding flash of golden light appeared, revealing a beautiful woman who was pure gold, similar to Royal Queen, except different. Miyuki was stunned by her. "It's okay." she said in a gentle voice. "No need to be afraid." "W-who are you?" she asked. "I have no time, but I must warn you. Your world is in danger!" Miyuki gasped, her eyes bulging, as a ringing sound pierced her ears.

"Miyuki! MIYUKI! Wake up! -kuru!"

Miyuki jolted awake in a panic, after slamming her hand on the alarm clock. She rubbed her eyes,…

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Funneko28 Funneko28 16 days ago

Smile Pretty cure and Healin' good precure AU: Ultra Happy... WHAT?!

(スマイルプリキュアアンドヒーリン♥グッドプリキュア:ウルトラハッピー...なに?!Sumairupurikyuaandohīrin ♥ guddopurikyua: Urutorahappī... Nani? !)

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WizardFlower WizardFlower 17 days ago

Gentle (DPPC Villain) Appreciation Post

Can Wii just talk about how beautiful and gorgeous Gentle is? The Villain from the PV1 of Delicious Party Pretty Cure? Her outfit is aesthetic and I can't wait to see her in action! (P.S. wiki acts drunk again and doesn't let me upload a single picture)

What's your thoughts about her? :D

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CureRebecka CureRebecka 18 days ago

Hi everyone

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CureCharmel CureCharmel 18 days ago

My Favorite PrettyCures

  • 1 1. Kise Yayoi/Cure Peace
  • 2 2. Arisugawa Himari/Cure Custard
  • 3 3. Yamabuki Inori/Cure Pine
  • 4 4. Izayoi Riko/Cure Magical
  • 5 5. Kaido Minami/Cure Mermaid
  • 6 6. Kurumi Erika/Cure Marine
  • 7 7. Kujou Hikari/Shiny Luminous
  • 8 8. Kagayaki Homare/Cure Etoile
  • 9 9. Sawaizumi Chiyu/Cure Fontaine
  • 10 10. Yotsuba Alice/Cure Rosetta

I really like Yayoi she is the most relatable character in the whole franchise for me She likes to draw she is timid and shy, I mean i like to draw myself but I am not shy. And I am really bad at sports when with others i can't run fast even if i can, I can't play volleyball, Least favorite subject is Math and PhysEd, I only show my drawing to two people when it comes to others NoOoOoOoOoooooooo!.

Himari is my second favorite because not only she l…

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GotenSakurauchi GotenSakurauchi 19 days ago

Pretty Cure cast in other anime

Since some VAs in the Pretty Cure franchise have a role in other anime that I like, so I thought I would list them here.

Characters in bold denotes a Cure.

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Funneko28 Funneko28 21 days ago

The movie afterstory: Smile Pretty Cure

"I am gonna miss being a pretty cure," Miyuki says grabbing a flower off her flowerbed. "Miyuki! Time for dinner!" Ikuyo says brushing off the dust on her apron. "Coming!" Miyuki took out a sunflower seed and put it in her ugly flower bed. Miyuki ran to the kitchen for dinner.

Meanwhile with the Hino family, Akane has the same thing.

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A Better Beauty AU: Backstory

Rei Aoki was a beautiful but poor girl, who lived with her abusive parents. Whenever she goes to school, there were mean girls who always pick and bully her everytime she is near. One day, she made a school project which she worked hard into and assigned it to the science festival. One day, the project was destroyed and broken by the girls and they said it was hideous and disturbing. She went home crying in tears, when she got home, her parents were very dissapointed in her saying she wasn't the elegant child they wanted. They kicked Rei out of their house and Rei was very heartbroken. Then she met Joker, who asks to lend her soul to him. Rei accepts it and her soul was taken away from her body as her original body was snapped out of exist…

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Superguru1797 Superguru1797 23 days ago

Futari wa PreCure Max Heart Fanfic AU:. Muscle Flex

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Cure Jessica Cure Jessica 24 days ago

Pretty Cure Crossovers

I found these arts on Deviantart all by CharmelLoud

this is a puella magica x fresh pretty cure crosscover

its really nice since they have same personalities

Pine as Madoka

Berry as Sayaka

Peach as Mami

this is loud house x fresh precure crosscover

I really wanna make one of these

Luan as Peach

Luna as Berry

Leni as Pine

This is a Mlp x Maho Tsukai Crosscover

Fluttershy as Magical

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Cure Mia Cure Mia 24 days ago

My least Favorite Cures

  1. Cure Mint
  2. Cure Passion
  3. Cure Moonlight
  4. Cure Fortune
  5. Cure Scarlet (a Bit)
  6. Cure Macaron
  7. Cure Chocolat
  8. Cure Parfait
  9. Cure Pekorin
  10. Cure Earth
  11. Cure Flamingo
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Cure Jessica Cure Jessica 24 days ago

Alice Gifs

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Cure Jessica Cure Jessica 24 days ago

Cure Rosetta

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Cure Mia Cure Mia 24 days ago

My Favorite Cures

  1. Cure Black
  2. Cure Bloom
  3. Cure Dream
  4. Cure Peach
  5. Cure Sunshine
  6. Cure Melody
  7. Cure March
  8. Cure Heart
  9. Cure Lovely
  10. Cure Twinkle
  11. Cure Miracle
  12. Cure Whip
  13. Cure Yell
  14. Cure Star
  15. Cure Sparkle
  16. Cure Summer

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Cure Jessica Cure Jessica 25 days ago

*:・゚✧Getting to know me*:・゚✧

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Cure God Cure God 25 days ago

What you think cure color will be for declious party pretty cure? Sorry if I spelled it wrong lol

leak of cures, and logo.]]

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The answers of my Quiz!

Here are the answers to my quiz!

Q1: B (Beauty)

Q2: A (March)

Q3: A (Peace)

Q4: A (Smile)

Q5: A and C (Dark Dream and Mint, there can be more than just one answer)

Q6: C (Bad End March)

Q7: A (Bad End Beauty)

Q8: C (Bad End Blizzard)

Q9: A, B and C (didn't expect that huh?)

Q10: B (Glitter Force)

Here's the link to the Quiz:

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Randomdumpsterfire Randomdumpsterfire 22 December 2021

Twisted Magic

Chapter One

As Mirai’s eyes fluttered open, Mofurun bounced on her back. “Mofurun, lemme go back to sleep…”

As Mofurun opened her mouth, Riko came sprinting into the room. “Mirai! We’ve gotta catch the snail in 20 minutes!” Once the indigo haired girl finished her sentence, she ran out of the door as fast as if she was riding her broomstick.

“GWAH!” As Mirai scrambled to get into her Magic Academy uniform, she heard Ha-chan’s scream, too. She smiled, relieved that she wasn’t the only one who was bad at getting up on time.

Today was the big day. Riko, Ha-chan, and Mirai would be going back to the Magic Academy. Only for a visit, but still!

Mirai rushed downstairs, and her family noticed. “Mirai? Is everything alright?” Her mother asked, worriedl…

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Information of Bad End Beauty from my redemption arc AU

  • She is friends with her counterpart
  • She's on the good side
  • Very shy and nervous but still feels sympathy for others
  • Caring and protective (since she sacrificed herself for Cure Beauty)
  • Learning new things
  • Took Dark Dream's arc and went the extra mile

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.:Smile PreCure Fanfic AU:. A Better Beauty

Takes places during "The worst ending!? Bad End Pretty Cure" but with a surprise twist in the story.

It takes place in a ice realm with lots of icicles as two blue haired girls were still fighting. "Joker-sama gave me orders to defeat you!" the darker haired said, her name was Bad End Beauty, Cure Beauty's evil clone, her enemy, and she was Joker's servant. She then hopped onto a tall icicle and continued to speak in which Cure Beauty still hears from far away. "That's all I know! How to smile happily, understanding true beauty, how important loved ones are..." she said as she tears up "I WASN'T TAUGHT ANY OF THAT!!" she yelled and rose her sword in the air "BAD END... BLIZAAAARRRDDDD!!!" she screamed while she summoned her attack.

Cure Beauty…

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DaPrecure DaPrecure 5 December 2021

More Pink or The Start of a New Color Leader?

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HardWorkingGirlonTheGo HardWorkingGirlonTheGo 23 November 2021

Check Out My Post

Hello, all you Pretty Cure fangirls on the wiki. I've noticed that quite a few of you have a tendency to get a little too excited at times, whether it's based on the Pretty Cure franchise, other things you fangirl over, or just anything that makes you extremely excited in real life. In addition, you also tend to scream at the top of your lungs when you get excited. So, I wrote a little post on the Discussions page that you should really check out, because it could help you control your emotions. That way, you won't get all hyper and excited as much. Check it out by clicking here.

Hope it helps!

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Cure Sammy Cure Sammy 3 November 2021

My least favorite Cures

  • 1 Please Don't Be mad at me if you like these cures I respect your opinion
  • 2 Cure Mint
  • 3 Cure moonlight
  • 4 Cure sunny (but she is a bit funny)
  • 5 Cure Echo

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Cure Sammy Cure Sammy 3 November 2021

My Favorite Cures

  • 1 Cure White
  • 2 Cure Aqua
  • 3 Cure Berry
  • 4 Cure Blossom
  • 5 Cure Beat
  • 6 Cure Beauty
  • 7 Cure Sword (mostly)
  • 8 Cure Princess
  • 9 Cure Flora
  • 10 Cure Felice
  • 11 Cure Gelato
  • 12 Cure Ange
  • 13 Cure Cosmo
  • 14 Cure Grace

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Gogglesfanandlover Gogglesfanandlover 15 October 2021

October 15th 2021

Today I was doing alright

Today I have to go to return my books

That's it!

boring eh...?

Yea but this is true.

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FlMeTwSc FlMeTwSc 14 October 2021

My Fan Series

I am currently working on a fan series right now. This is the link if anyone wants to see:!_Pretty_Cure

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MHEAH MHEAH 11 October 2021

My Suite Precure fan series

You know what I gave up! I don't wanna risk anyone copying me!

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PrincessShuel PrincessShuel 9 October 2021

Have a question

Where can you get some cheaper Pretty Cure merch? I have a Smile Pact and Hugtto dolls, but I saw a Nagisa action figure and I started to freak out.

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PrincessShuel PrincessShuel 9 October 2021

Manastu meme

Tap on it! I was in the mood for memes today!

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Lanthanum12 Lanthanum12 29 September 2021

Mirai Pretty C̶u̶r̶e̶ Chapters

Here are all the chapters for my fanseries Mirai Pretty C̶u̶r̶e̶ from my repost of it.

Chapter 1:

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PrincessShuel PrincessShuel 21 September 2021


I’m scared. My family and I are awaiting COVID test results today and I need support. Please send love and I’ll return love! 💕

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NotAPrettyCure NotAPrettyCure 21 August 2021


Just wanted to let you know about this repetitive situation, as this user keeps making alt accounts and being very rude.
They keep saying that you’re ugly and you should go k/ll yourself for it, which isn’t true! You are beautiful the way you are and shouldn’t let these people hurt your feelings. I am not lying to you.
Please do not listen to this person. They’re just being pathetic and making accounts that will keep being blocked.
Have screenshots that I found on the wiki!

(Don’t ask why this is a blog post, the discussions aren’t doing well and uh…yeah.)

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KoujiKeiji KoujiKeiji 20 August 2021

A Precure YouTube Channel terminated

Bad news for Precure fans.

Toei Pretty guardians has been terminated by YouTube for good. RIP TPG.

Toei Pretty Guardians channel is best know for uploading Toei animation videos such as Precure, Sailor Moon...etc.

But due to copyright claim, the channel has been banned for good.

Toei Pretty Guardians channel link :

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Dyamons Dyamons 18 August 2021

Welcome more fans!

We can welcome more pretty cure fans in Youtube,Facebook,Twitter and discord! All you have to do is just have an account,comment and list a community list that to join our fandom! Soon lots of conflicts can be solved, So no worry!

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Lanthanum12 Lanthanum12 16 August 2021

My favorite Pretty Cure characters by season

  • 1 Futari wa/Max Heart
  • 2 Splash Star
  • 3 Yes 5/GoGo
  • 4 Fresh
  • 5 Heartcatch

  1. Kiriya
  2. Regine
  3. Poisony
  4. Honoka
  5. Nagisa

  1. Ms. Shitataare
  2. Kaoru
  3. Michiru
  4. Moerumba
  5. Mai

  1. Mucardia
  2. Anacondy
  3. Dark Dream
  4. Milk
  5. Rin

  1. Setsuna
  2. Northa
  3. Soular
  4. Westar
  5. Miki

  1. Sasorina
  2. Dark Pretty Cure
  3. Nanami
  4. Cobraja
  5. Kumojaki
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KoujiKeiji KoujiKeiji 16 August 2021

My most dislike villains in Precure series.

There are really top 5 Pretty Cure villains I strongly dislike.

  1. Madam Momore from HPCPC-He/She was extremely annoying and obnoxious. I feel like the entire point to his/her character was to stall. He/She would just go on and on and never seem to get to the point of his/her appearance. I mean, he/she’s not an important character and his/her presence had no impact on the plot. So if he/she will reappear in pretty cure crossover series, I probably will happy/mad that he/she back . BTW, dear the Administrators user, Please pronouns Madam Momore from HPCPC to He/She and his/her instead in his/her article instead please.
  2. Kawarino from YP5- I don’t get the point of his personality. He has absolute…
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GlitterInformer GlitterInformer 19 July 2021

Futari wa Pretty Cure/Pretty Cure SDC: Episode 7

Verone is one point behind Kakutōkan/Kalarni, and the Verone team is panicking because they aren’t used to Nagisa/Natalie not being there. Yumiko/Nicki tells the girls to hang in there and assures them that Nagisa/Natalie will be back eventually.

We return to the Zakenna, and more dialogue is changed. In the sub, the Zakenna says that students don’t listen to him and instead talk about him behind his back. In the dub, he says that students don’t take him seriously and his wife doesn’t, either.

Since the Zakenna is too busy moping about his personal problems to attack, Black and White decide to target Gekidrago instead. However, the Zakenna beats them to the punch. In the sub, the Zakenna scolds Gekidrago for not listening to what he’s saying…

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GlitterInformer GlitterInformer 17 July 2021

Futari wa Pretty Cure/Pretty Cure SDC: Episode 6

Some unspecified amount of time later, Nagisa/Natalie heads out to go hiking. Her mom worries about her safety and tells her to get home before dark. In the sub, after her daughter heads out, she wonders why Nagisa wants to go hiking all of a sudden. In the dub, she says that Natalie’s never liked hiking before. It’s a small change, but the meaning is slightly different.

We cut to the group going hiking. Mepple still doesn’t sense the Prism Hopish yet, and Nagisa/Natalie is impatient. In the sub, Nagisa asks why she even has to go hiking in the first place (even though she knows well that they’re hiking to find the Prism Hopish) and Mipple says it really is a nuisance. In the dub, Natalie says that she hopes they don’t have to get too far b…

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Dino Ranger Black Dino Ranger Black 12 July 2021

Analysis and Review of the Villains in Pretty Cure

Of course, there wouldn't be any Pretty Cure if their weren't any villains to fight in the first place. After all, they are the major cause of the series' conflicts and every hero needs a villain in order to help them face challenges. But sometimes, it's not enough to be a force against our heroines, otherwise they just come across as tools or plot devices, rather than actual characters. If the writers hopes for their villians to have just as much as an impact as the Cures, then they would need a great deal of assets for them to leave a mark such as, but not limited to, being a worth adversary, having some form of interrelation with the hero (Rivalries usually help), or just being plain great whenever they are on-screen.

Much like the Cures…

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WatashinoKuywawa WatashinoKuywawa 3 July 2021


✨So, what are some of your favorite seasons of PreCure? I wonder because then I can see what others think~!✨

>Personally, my top favorites are Heali’Good, StarTwinkle, Smile, abd DokiDoki

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SweetSmileHumming SweetSmileHumming 10 June 2021

Another Blog Post!

Hi everyone! (again) As you know, I tend to get bored a lot-

Somethings that help me relieve it is just talkin' to ya'll!

But I made this blog post to say thanks to all of you! For making this place feel like home!

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MungoMcA MungoMcA 6 June 2021

Story for @MagicMadness

Yep, I made a story for @MagicMadness! They requested it and here it is.

The winter sun shone down on the snow that glittered like jewels. It was untouched and crisp, except for the parts where there were tiny footprints and sled tracks. The source seemed to be a small girl with turquoise hair and a wooden sled. This girl's name was Lala Hagaramomo, and her sled did not have a name. Although, the teddy bear she was carrying did! Covered in the blue, purple, and black patterns of the galaxy, the teddy bear's name was Nebula, and Lala cared about it with all her heart. Lala believed that Nebula had feelings just like her, so she would take it everywhere, and if she dropped it, she would apologize for hours.

After walking for a while, Lala beg…

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Making precure characters in Friday Night Funkin'

Hi there im new in this fandom group, can somebody help me to create precure characters for Friday Night Funkin', or if someone in this group can make one for me 😁

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Anwischet25 Anwischet25 1 June 2021

Precure as chibis

Have fun with your chibi friends! Go to any place! Laugh and Learn!

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CureNeko1232 CureNeko1232 25 May 2021

Futari wa PreCure Reduced Episodes Watch Guide

Do YOUUU wanna watch the first season of Pretty Cure, but not enough that you’ll sit through all 49 episodes? Well.. that’s the point of this post. This is a reduced episode watch guide. Basically, it’ll tell you just the episodes that you need to watch to understand the plot and which ones you can skip. I’ll also say which episodes I recommend, but aren’t super necessary to the plot.

Normally, I would say that the best way to watch Futari wa PreCure is by watching the entire thing, but some people are busy and don’t have time for that, or maybe just find plot-irrelevant episodes distracting or boring. Or maybe you’re just doing a rewatch? Anyways, I do HIGHLY recommend watching it in full if you can, since there’ll be a lot of things that …

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SweetSmileHumming SweetSmileHumming 25 May 2021


Are you working on a fanmade series? If so, let me know! (if you want) Why? I'm really bored-

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SweetSmileHumming SweetSmileHumming 20 April 2021

Hello Everyone!

My first blog. Would you by kind enough to say hi?

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Puppylove102010 Puppylove102010 18 April 2021

Pretty Cure Gacha Life Series

Hey everyone!

I've decided to make a mashup series of Pretty Cure and Gacha Life. I have been working hard on these and I am so proud of how they turned out!!

Here are the character skins I've created so far...

  • 1 Futari wa Pretty Cure
    • 1.1 Nagisa/Cure Black:
    • 1.2 Honoka/Cure White:
    • 1.3 Hikari/Shiny Luminous:

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