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Bloody (ブラッディ Buraddi?) is the last Nightmare member showing up in the first season. He is seen as a senior employee at Nightmare and was well respected.


Bloody is an old man who wears a black tuxedo and cape with a matching top hat. He has grayish white hair and pointed ears. Around his neck is an ascot with a green gem.

As a bat, Bloddy has enormous ears, yellow squinted eyes and a long chin. He has green arms and legs. Around his arms are golden bracelets. He also wears a purple fur-collared cape.


He prefers to fight by using his persuasive skills, only using a Kowaina if needed. Being a veteran, he does not like the changes Nightmare has made and prefers doing things the old-fashioned way. He doesn't forgive others easily and overcome any hurdles to seek revenge.


Bloody can transform into a bat-like creature. As a bat, Bloody can shoot sonic waves at his enemies. He always transforms rooms or places into Kowainas instead of objects.


After Bunbee had lost all of his colleagues from his own department, Bloody, along with Hadenya, replaced Bunbee to fight against the Cures.

After his last failure, he returned to Nightmare HQ and was confronted by Kawarino who then forced a black Kowaina mask on his face and sent him to the "hellish basement". YPC546 However, he had overcome some of the black mask's control to open a portal to drag Kawarino down with him into the depths of Nightmare.YPC549



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