Blue Sky Kingdom (ブルースカイ王国 Burū Sukai Ōkoku?) is the homeland of Shirayuki Hime.


Before the series began, Blue Sky Kingdom was a peaceful kingdom ruled by the King and the Queen, parents of Princess Himelda Window Cure Queen of the Blue Sky, or Shirayuki Hime.

The box, Axia, is being kept inside the castle for years.


Praying to Axia is a tradition that has been passed through generations.

When it was Hime's time to pray to Axia, she heard someone calling for help from inside the box. Without knowing its content, she opened the box and at that time, the Phantom Empire was freed. 

​Phantom Empire Invasion

After Queen Mirage and her allies were freed, they quickly invaded the kingdom. Every citizen was defeated and trapped inside mirrors, including the Queen and the King. They were being kept inside the throne room.

After the invasion, the whole kingdom was changed by Queen Mirage according to her preferences.

Hime, unable to fight against them, fled to Earth, settling in Pikarigaoka, Japan with her caretaker, Ribbon. They started their journey to retrieve the kingdom back.

The kingdom was being guarded by several Saiarks and Choiarks. Due to Queen Mirage's influence, they became more powerful inside the kingdom and the power of the Pretty Cures was weakened.

Final Battle Against the Phantom Empire and Restoration

In episode 41, the Cures traveled to the Blue Sky Kingdom to defeat the Phantom Empire and free it from its stronghold. After purifying Phantom and the three generals, Cure Lovely went on to battle Queen Mirage in hopes of ridding her of her sorrow and her grief helping her realize that Blue still cared for her. At one point, under Deep Mirror's influence, Mirage went berserk and burned down her castle in an attempt to finish Lovely off, but she was ultimately purified and turned back to good when the Cures used Innocent Purification. Right after she was defeated, the kingdom was restored and all of its inhabitants, as well as the imprisoned Cures and the people on Earth, were finally freed.


Name Image First
Shirayuki Hime
HCPC01 Princess of the Blue Sky Kingdom
Image other01b.jpg
HCPC01 God of Earth
HCPC01 Helping out Cure Lovely, Cure Princess and Cure Honey
31062 600.jpg
HCPC01 Fairy partner of Cure Fortune
Phan Phan.png
HCPC41 Former fairy partner of Mirage
  • Hime's father (King)
  • Hime's mother (Queen)



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