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Butler (バトラー?) is the Witch of Delays' butler from Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure.



Butler is a golden seahorse with a grey mohawk, multicolored horns and blue eyes. His outfit is that of a tuxedo, but without the pants. His bow tie is savoy blue, with a matching vest.


Butler is very calm and has quite the poker face. He can also be demanding of his subordinates.


  • Witch of Delays: He works as her butler, and orders the other servants to do things for her. He usually feels dread whenever she is furious.
  • Chongire, Numeri and Elda: His subordinates who he is quite strict and demanding towards.


In episode 1, Butler makes a brief cameo asking the Witch of Delays what she is going to do about the Pretty Cure. Later on in episode 2, he makes sure Chongire made the Witch of Delays' food, before telling him to steal some Motivation Power.

In episode 17, Butler chases Laura who escapes from the mansion and attacks her, but loses sight of her afterwards.

In episode 29, Butler receives another orb from the Witch, which he uses to summon the Chou Zettei Yaraneeda. He later witnesses the appearance of the Legendary Pretty Cure and how the main five Cures obtain the Tropical Heart Dresser and Land Heart Kuru Ring to perform Land Beat Dynamic.


Butler wields a cane and is very proficient in using it as a weapon. He can also fire energy blasts from it.

  • Summoning the Yaraneedas
    • Like his comrades, Butler is able to summon Yaraneedas by throwing a ball of dark energy at objects to steal Motivation Power from humans.


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