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The Byogens

The Byogens (ビョーゲンズ?) are the main villains in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. Their goal is to revive King Byogen by spreading viruses around the world via Megabyogen. King Byogen has actually battled the Pretty Cure before but lost to them, and the three generals all know of the Cures’ existence. Their headquarters is known as "Byogen Kingdom" (ビョーゲンキングダム?).


Prior to the events of the season, King Byogen established the organisation to help him infect Earth. He then invaded the Healing Garden and fought against Queen Teatinu, whom he defeated despite it being an even match. However, he ended up being defeated by the legendary Pretty Cure and lost his physical body as a result.

For most of the time, King Byogen resides behind the scenes usually commanding the generals to summon Megabyogens so that Earth can be destroyed. Upon learning that the current Pretty Cure team was growing strong, he decided to recruit a Nutria by infecting it and turning it into his latest henchman Batetemoda, until Batetemoda was defeated. King Byogen later allows the remaining three generals to use Mega Parts to power up their monsters.

In episode 24, Daruizen used a Mega Part to transform a bird into a general named Nebusoku, but he is defeated by Cure Earth before he could do anything.

In episode 27, Daruizen inserts a Mega Part into Nodoka's body. After the infection in her body was forced out in the next episode, it turned into a general named Kedary. After a brief fight with the Cures, he was purified by Healing Oasis. It is also revealed that a Megabyogen parasite infected Nodoka when she was younger, and that she was Daruizen's host.

In episode 30 Shindoine inserts a Mega Part in her own body, evolving to a more powerful, never before seen type of Byogen. Her powers are greatly strengthened by the transformation, enabling her to infect living beings with Nanobyogen, creating monsters called Gigabyogen in the process.  

Later, Guaiwaru and Daruizen also absorb Mega Parts in episode 32 and episode 33 respectively under the demand of King Byogen himself, which also enables them to create Gigabyogens.

In episode 41, King Byogen is finally resurrected with his full body, and proceeds to absorb Guaiwaru who tries to steal his throne, and later in episode 42 he absorbs Daruizen as well. Throughout the span of episode 42 to 43, he appears to have an upper hand against the Cures and the Healing Animals, but ultimately the Cures successfully defeat him after they receive support from the Sukoyaka citizens.

After King Byogen has been defeated and purified, the organisation itself has been dissolved as a result, although there are still Nanobyogens lurking around on Earth.


Name Image First Appearance Last Appearance
King Byogen (Leader)
King Byogen Final From Toei.png
Episode 2 Episode 44
Daruizen (General)
Updated Daruizen TV Asahi.png
Episode 1 Episode 42
Shindoine (General)
Updated Shindoine Asahi.png
Episode 2 Episode 43
Guaiwaru (General)
Updated Guaiwaru Asahi.png
Episode 2 Episode 41
Batetemoda (General)
Batetemoda TV Asahi.png
Episode 11 (cameo)
Episode 12
Episode 20
Nebusoku (General)
Nebsock Asahi.png
Episode 24 Episode 24

Kedary (General)

Kedaly TV Asahi.png
Episode 28 Episode 28
Megabyogen/Gigabyogen (Monsters)
HGPC01 Megabyogen.png
Episode 1
Nanobyogen (Monsters)
Episode 1


Byogens likely derives from the word ‘Byōgen’ (病源 Byōgen?) which translates to “pathogenic” or “cause of disease”.


  • The Byogens are modelled after devils and demons. However, there can also be hybrids of demons and either animals or humans.
  • In episode 28, it was revealed that Byogen generals can also be called "Terabyogen".
  • All currently named Byogen subtypes (save for King Byogen) are named using metric prefixes together with the suffix "-byogen".
    • For example, "Nano", "Mega", and "Tera" mean "one billionth" (1/109), "one million" (106) and "one trillion" (1012) respectively.
  • Nanobyogens are the first known monsters that can be used to infect both objects/animals and humans in the franchise.

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