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HGPC02 King Byogen is not happy to hear about the Pretty Cure

Byogen Kingdom

The Byogens (ビョーゲンズ?) are the main villains in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. Their goal is to revive King Byogen by spreading viruses around the world via Megabyogen. King Byogen has actually battled the Pretty Cure before but lost to them, and the three generals all know of the Cure's existence. Their head quarters are known as "Byogen Kingdom" (ビョーゲンキングダム?).



Name Image First Appearance Last Appearance
Daruizen (General)
Daruizen Asahi
Episode 1
Shindoine (General)
Shindoine Asahi
Episode 2
Guaiwaru (General)
Guaiwaru Asahi
Episode 2
Megabyogen (Monsters)
HGPC01 Megabyogen
Episode 1


Byogens likely derives from the phrase 'Byougen' (病源 Byougen?) which translates to "pathogenic" or "cause of disease".


  • The Byogens are themed as devils and demons.



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