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The Candy Rod (キャンディロッド Kyandi Roddo?) is an item in KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode that the Cures use to perform their attacks. It was created out of Kirakiraru in episode 11.


The top part of the rod is white and has stars of the Cures' respective colors running down the front of it. The top has a star that lights up with the KiraKira emblem engraved on each side of it. The middle has a glass orb filled with Kirakiraru that can be spun during an attack. At the base of that orb is a ribbon whose color is the same as the Cure holding it. The handle is light pink and resembles a candy cane. When Pekorin receives the power to become Cure Pekorin, she also gains a Candy Rod, but the handle is magenta.

Main Uses

The Cures can use Kirakiraru to aim attacks at their enemies and perform their attack Three・2・Wonderful A La Mode!. They could also be used for their individual attacks: Cure Whip's Whip Decoration, Cure Custard's Custard Illusion, Cure Gelato's Gelato Shake, Cure Macaron's Macaron Julienne, and Cure Chocolat's Chocolat Aromase.


  • Out of the 5 Candy Rods, Cure Chocolat's has a special feature: it can transform into a sword


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