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カルロス Karurosu
Carlos Profile
SeasonStar☆Twinkle Pretty Cure
Eye ColorPurple
Hair ColorBlonde
Home PlaceMihoshi Town
RelativesAmamiya Kaede (wife)
Amamiya Elena (daughter)
Amamiya Siblings (children)
First AppearanceSTPC14
Japanese Voice ActorTone Kentarou

Carlos (カルロス?) is the father of Elena, Touma, Reina, Takuto, Ikuto and Anna and husband of Amamiya Kaede. He is Mexican and runs the flower shop Sonrisa.


Carlos has blonde hair, blonde moustache and his eye color is purple. He wears a white shirt with a turquoise apron and dark blue jeans. He also wears a gold necklace and white and red tennis shoes.


He is a Mexican who has a bright, cheerful and passionate personality. He likes to plays guitar and dances.


Carlos first debuts in episode 14 where he meets Elena's friends. He is extremely enthusiastic to meet Elena's friends, and even tells them the love story of how he met his wife years ago. He even hosts a party for all of the girls.

In episode 34, Carlos greets Elena and her friends. Upon realizing that Yuni is the newest addition to Elena's peer group, he joyously hugs her. He then notices that Elena has befriended a sentient cactus and tries to embrace the cactus, only for Elena to remind him the risks of doing so.



Carlos (カルロス?) - Carlos is a masculine given name and the Spanish version of the name Charles, which means "army" or "warrior".[1].


  • He is the first dark-skinned father.


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