The Cures in their Cheerful Style

Cheerful Attack (チアフル・アタック?) is the third group attack that the Cures use in HUGtto! Pretty Cure and the first to involve all five Cures. It is first used in episode 31 and requires the Memorial Cure Clock and Mirai Crystal Cheerful.


Cure Yell inserts the Mirai Crystal Cheerful into the top of the Mirai Pad, which turns it into the Memorial Cure Clock. Then the Cures and Hugtan are all seen in profile counter-clockwise with hearts glowing in their signature colors, with Hugtan's being white. They then send the six hearts to the clock, which grows in size, and they are all inserted into the lock on the screen shaped like the Mirai Crystal Cheerful. After the six hearts are inserted, the lock opens and a wave of hearts in those respective colors washes over the Cures and Hugtan. Then they all change into their Cheerful Style forms, starting with Macherie and Amour, and followed by Etoile, Ange, and finally, Yell. Hugtan also has her outfit changed. After they pose, the clock appears again, this time in its normal size, and after calling out part of the incantation, the Cures take turns waving their hands over the clock, with more hearts swirling around them. They then call out the attack name and thrust their hands forward, firing the symbol on the Mirai Crystal Cheerful at the target. It is then struck five times with different hearts. After Hugtan exclaims, the target is encased in a giant white heart, purifying it.



All: メモリアルキュアクロック: チアフル!
All: ミライパッド: オープン!
All: プリキュア チアフル スタイル!
All: メモリアル パワー: フルチャージ!
All: プリキュア・チアフル・アタック!


All: Memoriaru Kyua Kurokku: Chiafuru!
All: Mirai Paddo: Ōpun!
All: Purikyua Chiafuru Sutairu!
All: Memoriaru pawā: Furu Chāji!
All: Purikyua Chiafuru Atakku!


All: Memorial Cure Clock: Cheerful!
All: Mirai Pad: Open!
All: Pretty Cure Cheerful Style!
All: Memorial Power: Full Charge!
All: Pretty Cure Cheerful Attack!






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