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Chocola (ショコラ Shokora?) is a character that appears in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday! where she insists the girls help in saving the Dessert Kingdom. She is the princess of Dessert Kingdom and daughter of the Queen Dessert.



Chocola is a little girl with fair skin and big aquamarine eyes. Her fluffy soft pink hair frames her head with short spiked evenly spread bangs. Around her head is a rainbow of spheres, and she wears a light brown and gold crown adorned by a gold gem. She has pastel beige dog or bunny ears.

Normally, Chocola wears a pearl pink long-sleeved blouse with the bottom in the shape of three petals, the back line in fuchsia with a big off-white ribbon on the back. Matching colored flower-shaped fabric makes up the collar and sleeve cuffs, which lack the lining. Her off-white balloon skirt has a band of fuchsia ribbon around the hem held by pink pearl studs, and the bottom is trim with ruffled layers of off-white and pearl pink. She also wears white bloomers, an ivy ribbon around the neck held by a pink flower, and pale pink heels with ankle straps an white socks.

Casually, her hair loses her decorative spheres and crown, and she instead wears a dark brown headband with the flower from her neck on the corner and stripes of burnt orange and dark beige on the other. Her outfit consists of a white long-sleeved shirt lined in ivy with a scalloped collar, worn beneath a peach one-piece that has dark brown lining and pale brown buttons. On each hip is a tiny dark pink bow. She also wears white knee-socks and bright brown boots with tan lining and buttons.


Chocola is a shy yet sweet and friendly young girl. She is also very formal and knows her manners.


  • Coco and Nuts: Chocola has a good relationship with the duo as both of them are royalty like her. It is mentioned that Chocola tends to bring lots of sweets to the Palmier Kingdom.
  • Milk: At first Milk disliked Chocola for getting too close to Coco, but after she learned about her circumstances, she grew a soft spot for her.
  • Pretty Cure: Chocola has a close bond with the Pretty Cure who saved her from Bunbee's Hoshina, and tried to purify her mom. Because of this. Chocola looks up to the five girls.
  • Queen Dessert: Chocola sees her as a role model. She loves her mother who taught her how to make sweets and listens to her stories.


Chocola is the daughter of the Dessert Queen. She grew up as a princess and is very polite. She invited the Cures, Coco, Nuts, and Milk to the Dessert Kingdom as thanks for saving her from a Hoshina made by Bunbee. Whilst in the Dessert Kingdom, she tried to put a brave face but was actually keeping silent about Mushiban since he threatened to hurt her mother if anyone found out about him. However, Kurumi eventually found out, so once the Cures finally saved the day, Chocola's mother was back to her normal self, in which the Dessert Kingdom celebrated Nozomi's birthday.



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