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Chongire (チョンギーレ?) is one of the Witch of Delays' servants from Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure.



Chongire is a blue hermit crab who wears a red scarf around his neck, and a red belt around his waist. He sometimes wears a chef's uniform, with a white shirt and matching hat.


Although he is tasked with stealing Motivation Power, Chongire seems to view the mission as troublesome, wanting to leave as soon as he steals a satisfactory amount. He is also very kind towards his other comrades.


  • Witch of Delays: He is one of her servants, and his role is being her chef.
  • Elda: Chongire is very kind towards Elda, even happily giving her food when he thinks she might be hungry.


In episode 1, Chongire appears and summons a Yaraneeda to steal Motivation Power from a group of runners. He then spots Laura, and has the Yaraneeda capture her to steal her Motivation Power too. However, before that can happen, Manatsu interrupts and he watches as she becomes Cure Summer. He then decides to make the Yaraneeda steal Summer's Motivation Power, but the plan backfires. Feeling unmotivated, Chongire leaves after his Yaraneeda is defeated.

In episode 16, Chongire, along with Elda and Numeri, begins to get frustrated over their own repeated failures. Knowing that Laura has been assisting the Cures, Chongire decides to go along with a plan that Numeri suggested and successfully kidnaps Laura. Later in episode 17, he and Numeri attack a cruise ship and their Zenzen Yaraneeda successfully overpower Coral, Papaya and Flamingo. He also manages to defeat Summer easily. However, after Laura transforms into La Mer for the first time, he and Numeri are left defeated and shocked.


Like his comrades, Chongire is able to summon Yaraneedas by throwing a ball of dark energy at objects to steal Motivation Power from humans. He is also able to fire giant rocks from his claws.


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