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Choppy (チョッピ Choppi?) is the bird spirit that allows Mishou Mai to transform into Cure Egret and later channels Foop's power of the wind, allowing her to transform into Cure Windy. She always ends her sentences with "-chopi".



Choppy is pale yellow with light pink markings and bright blue-purple eyes with a pink necklace around her neck with a small aqua/teal orb. Her markings are pink being a butterfly and the eye markings also being often used heart marks. Her ears are long and droop to the ground and she also has a butterfly shaped tail.


Choppy is bashful and soft-spoken. When a fight occurs, she gets upset and begins crying due to being emotionally sensitive. She appears to be rather clueless about romantic subjects, particularly Flappy's confession attempts and doesn't realize that he is trying to confess to her until the end of the season.


  • Flappy - She is oblivious to Flappy's obvious crush on her. By the end of the series, she realizes Flappy's feelings and returns them.
  • Mishou Mai - She lives with Mai and they get along very well. Mai never seems to have issues with Choppy except for one time when she broke Mai's mother's clay figurine.


Choppy comes from "chō" (チョウ?), an alternate reading for the word "tori" (?), meaning "bird".


In the first episode, Mishou Mai goes to the Sky Tree where she bumps into Hyuuga Saki. There, they see two floating lights which bump into them and turn into Flappy and Choppy. The fairies inform the duo that they must become Pretty Cure, and scolds the girls for not remembering that they all met five years ago in front of the same tree. Karehan then shows up so Flappy and Choppy try to fight him alone, but cannot beat him and nearly get captured. To protect them, Saki and Mai become Pretty Cure and defeat Karehan.

In episode 12, Choppy appears to be extremely homesick, but to avoid concerning Mai, she pretends that she is alright. It later turns out that she has planned to run away and return to the Land of Fountains alone. Moerumba suddenly appears and tries to kidnap her with a Uzaina, until she bites his hand and is loosened from his grip. Afterwards, Choppy admits that she really feels alone but realizing that her friends are around her, she thanks them and promises to be more open with her feelings.

In episode 29, Choppy and Flappy decide to re-enact a scene from a movie they watched with Saki and Mai, but Choppy fails to understand Flappy's romantic gesture and instead gets distracted by a butterfly. She and Flappy later gets kidnapped by Goyan who suddenly appears through a portal and decides to interrogate them about the location of the Fountain of Sun by capturing both of them.


Choppy's voice actor, Matsuki Miyu, has participated in two image songs for the character she voices. One is a group song with Kimoto Orie, Enomoto Atsuko and Yamaguchi Kappei, while the other is with Gojo Mayumi and Yamaguchi Kappei.


  • The marking on Choppy's forehead looks similar to a butterfly, or a clover.
  • Choppy, along with Flappy, are the second mascots who have a shape at the end of their tail. For Choppy, being a butterfly, or a clover, similar to the marking on her forehead.
  • Her voice actress passed away on October 27, 2015.


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