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長老 Chōrō
SeasonKiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode
HUGtto! Pretty Cure (HuPC36, HuPC37)
Hair ColorWhite
First AppearanceKKPCALM01
KKPCALM08 (human form)
Japanese Voice ActorMizushima Yū

Chourou (長老 Chōrō?) is a wise old fairy from the KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode series. He lives on Ichigo Mountain. In order to please everyone, he practices making sweets with his disciples. However, after being caught in a cream explosion, his body takes the appearance of a ghost. He often asks the Cures to protect the sweets from those who aim to steal the Kirakiraru. He ends his sentences with "~jaba." In episode 39, we find out that he is not the only elder of the fairies. There are six who together form a council of elders who lead the fairies. He appears to be the head of the council though.



Chourou has purple arms and shirt and tail. He also has a white beard that covers most of his face so his eyes cannot be seen, though it is shown that his eyes are actually brownish red. For the majority of time, he carries a yellow umbrella with him. After regaining his body, he appears to have short stubby legs.

As a human, he appears to be a tall older-looking man with white puffy hair and a mustache and brownish-orange eyes. He wears a purple suit with an dark orange ascot and white gloves. He wears the same thing on top of his head as he did as a fairy.




Chourou (長老?) means "elder".


In episode 1, he is briefly seen defending the inhabitants of Ichigo Mountain from the cream explosion that causes the cream to spread all over Ichika's town and causing the five soon-to-be Cures to have visions of their respective sweets. His voice could be heard within the box toward the end of it.

In episode 2, after the box is opened and turned into the full-sized KIRAKIRA Patisserie, he is seen hiding within the stone oven. After seeing him in it, Ichika promptly closes the door and panics. He then passes through the door and after he introduces himself, he explains the story of the legendary patisserie Pretty Cure to Ichika.


Because of his ghostly appearance, he can float through walls and other solid substances. Pekorin can also go through him. In episode 8, it is revealed that Chourou can transform into a human.





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