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Chypre (シプレ Shipure?) is one of the mascots in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. She is living with her partner Hanasaki Tsubomi and can help Tsubomi transform into Cure Blossom. She, Coffret, and Potpourri can transform into flight capes, allowing their partners to fly. She ends her sentences with "-desu".



Chypre resembles Coffret, being a white fairy with heart-shaped ears that have a cyan heart marking to match her bangs, tail, and markings on her dark brown eyes. She wears a fuchsia bow with a pink gem star. Her neck has a frilly fuchsia piece held by a silver heart.


Chypre is honest and speaks what is on her mind. She cares about Tsubomi deeply, as well as others, and often worries.


Hanasaki Tsubomi: Chypre is not that fond of Tsubomi after she is easily defeated, but after she proved to be able to fight when she sets her mind into it, Chypre puts all her trust into her, and often acts like a big sister to Tsubomi.

Kurumi Erika: Although they do not interact that often, Chypre feels relieved after witnessing how well Marine was able to fight without any guidance.

Coffret: Chypre's relationship with her fellow fairy seems to be friendly, as they never argue and always are seen together when not with their human partners. They often share opinions.

Potpourri: Chypre and Coffret are like a big sister and brother to Potpourri and always point out her mistakes when needed.

Coupe: Chypre, like Coffret and many other fairies, admire Coupe and call him by the name "Coupe-sama" to show him respect.

Cologne: She and Coffret have a great deal of respect for him, calling him by the honorific of "Senpai" when they talk about him. She was heartbroken when he died.


Chypre: Chypre's name comes from a famous French perfume line. It is also the french word for the island Cyprus.


Running to Kibougahana

Along with Coffret, Chypre is present when the Tree of Hearts wilts, as they both hide behind the tree while Cure Moonlight tries to defeat Dark Pretty Cure. When they witness Cure Moonlight's defeat, they are ordered to escape and for Cure Moonlight's replacement while keeping the Heart Perfumes safe. Hearing this, they fly off to look for the new Pretty Cure.

Eventually the fairies come to Kibougahana, where they go looking for Cure Flower, but instead crash into Hanasaki Tsubomi, Cure Flower's grand-daughter. However, they must hide from Sasorina, who has been ordered by Sabaku to hunt them down and take the Heart Perfumes. When they try to help Tsubomi reclaim Kurumi Erika's stolen Heart Flower, Chypre gets a reaction from the Heart Perfume she is holding, and gives it to Tsubomi when she proves herself to have gathered the courage and will to protect Erika and the fairies. Together with Coffret, they guide her through the transformation into Cure Blossom.HPC01

After Cure Blossom fails to defeat the Desertrian, they are all saved by a mysterious man, and brought to Kaoruko's flower garden, where Chypre and Coffret sleep inside Coupe's fur. When they later realize that Kaoruko used to be Cure Flower and that Coupe is present, they hug Coupe in admiration, shocking Tsubomi. However, the Desertrian and Sasorina find them, and Chypre must ask Tsubomi to transform into Cure Blossom once again, despite her failure from earlier. In the end, she and Coffret are able to guide her through the battle and purification of the Desertrian, and as Erika leaves, Chypre bears the Heart Seed that was created when Cure Blossom purified Erika's Heart Flower.HPC02

Living with Tsubomi

Since Chypre is the only one who can summon Tsubomi's Pretty Cure Heart Seed, she starts living with her, pretending to be a toy whenever Tsubomi's parents find her. Although Coffret originally lived with them, too, he later moves into Erika's room when she becomes the second Cure HPC03. However, Chypre often worries about Tsubomi's self-confidence, and most of the time gives her advice when she is feeling down, or is simply there by her side.

The Final Battle and regrowing the Tree of Hearts

After Dune arrived and kidnapped Tsubomi's grandmother, which causes the Earth to become a dessert, the Cures and fairies, including Chypre, go to the Castle Planet to find Tsubomi's grandmother, in order to defeat Dune and restore the Earth. After infiltrating the castle planet Tsubomi and Chypre are able to free Kaoruko, and the two head off to aid Moonlight. There Tsubomi and Chypre distract Professor Sabaku but learn that he is Yuri's father. After Sabaku is destroyed, Chypre watches Yuri and Tsubomi trying to defeat Dune who morphs into his true form. After Dune's defeat, the fairies reunite with the Cures, informing them that the Tree of Hearts is growing well.



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