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Circulas (サーキュラス Sākyurasu?) is the first of the four villains to appear in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart.


He has concern for the boy in the mansion and goes to fight Pretty Cure in order to "protect him" and find the Queen believing her to be the ultimate threat. He is usually the one in charge when Baldez is not around and he often argues with Uraganos. He is usally calm around the mansion.



He has blonde hair and blue eyes with no pupils, and pale white skin along with blue spandex and blue and gold armor, and a long beige cape, and guards that are dark green with red trim, and a red cummerbund.

His final form, however, depicts his without her cape and armor


  • He Is the first of the Four Guardians and is the first general-class enemy to appear in the season.
  • He shares his voice actor with the Zakennas, Hitoshi Bifu.
  • His appearance is very similar to Juna from the previous season, especially since both wear a blue spandex suit and pale blue eyes without pupils and pale white skin. Additionally, both are the first of there respective groups to appear, with their themes colours being blue, and also they both reside in the mansion.
  • He is the last general class enemy the girl's face before gaining Shiny Luminous, and the only one to meet the girls before Luminous in that season.


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