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Clarinet (クラリネット) is a sentient musical instrument and the main antagonist from the Doki Doki! Pretty Cure movie.


The Clarinet is, as their name suggests, a clarinet in appearance. Like any other clarinet, they're mostly black with their keys being gold.


They're a cunning being who will always exist as long as people continue to forget objects exist. They prefer to stay hidden in the shadows, controlling others to do their biddings.


They were actually an ordinary instrument when they were being played by Marsh. However, as time went on, they started to act more human and manipulated Marsh to do evil deeds. Towards the end of the movie, Marsh is revealed to be Mana's dog, Mallow, who finally breaks free from the Clarinet's control. Angry, the Clarinet travels forward in time to try and destroy the Cures's future. However, the Cures follow the Clarinet with help from Mallow. The Clarinet proves to be resilient to the Cures attacks and delivers a critical blow to Mallow. Being left with no regrets, Mallow leaves behind his psyche, which gives Mana the powerful Engage Mode, which defeats the Clarinet.


They have the ability to control time, who is resistant against Lovely Straight Flush. They can also move themselves around by playing certain keys.


  • Clarinet is the first villain to be an instrument.


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