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Clover Box

Clover Box in H@ppy Together!!!.

The Clover Box (クローバー ボックス Kurōbā Bokkusu?) is a box that Chiffon grants to the Fresh! Cures. Love keeps it, because Chiffon lives in her house. In episode 38, Miki accidentally loses it.


A white and pastel pink music box with a translucent lid lined with pastel pink and held by a silver four leaf clover with a heart representing each Cure on it. The handle is pastel pink with a purple tip. Inside is a spinning circle piece visible when the handle is spun, and surrounding it are four hearts matching the Cures signature colors.


With the Clover Box the Cures can perform the attack Lucky Clover Grand Finale. It also warns the cures of a coming Nakewameke. When you spin its handle, it plays a lullaby which can turn Chiffon back to normal (and likely put her to sleep), when she is Infinity.





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